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December Announcements

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Hey all, 2017 has nearly come to an end!
  1. Christmas Monthly Special
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Christmas Monthly Special
The Christmas 2017 special is now out! Get your limited edition tags & cosmetic items here,

December Events
More information on this months events can be found at,

November Announcements

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Hey all, November announcements is finally here!

  1. New Owner
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New Owner
I'd like to inform you that I will be running the server from now due to Harry being very busy with exams, life, etc. Harry will remain an owner. I will be working on updates and give my best to HCSurvival. I do plan on continuing MC-Ages and the progress of that will be posted very frequently. There won't be any huge changes that disrupt everything but more subtle fixes. I want to keep the server the way Harry wanted it.

I can't wait to meet you all in game!

October Announcements

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Hey, everyone! Keeping this one short while we work on MC Ages development! In today's update...
  1. MC Ages Progress
  2. October Events
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MC Ages Progress

Progress is coming along nicely for MC Ages. I believe we are going to choose the following games to add (may change):
  1. Skyblock
  2. Creative
  3. Factions or a PvP game
  4. Arcade (TBC)
October Events

It's that time of year... SSPooooOkKYY! Here are the October Events:
  1. Dark Themed Build ($25 Store Credit)
  2. Scary Skin Contest ($15 Store Credit)
  3. Scary Armor Set ($5 Store Credit) (?)
(?) Salvage the scariest leather.. or the most ruthless diamond leggings you can...

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Just found a huge area of diamond and gold, plugin turned them all into stone except 2 gold blocks :(
However, today must be my lucky day because I also saw another spot with diamonds and gold, got 12 diamonds and 11 gold ore from it.

Edit: Drowned 3 times getting stuck in an underwater cave xD
i did but it takes me to this page and it doesn't say anything but to go to the discord or this website
how do i get the free member rank here?
Hey all, for anyone checking the website and not in-game or on discord 1.14.3 server Alien age is online and in an alpha stage while plugins are tested come and join us all!
Hi everyone! I got Minecraft today and this is the first server I joined.
(I played Mcpe for 4-5 years before this.)