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Skyblock Release Date

Skyblock Announcement, Good Egg or Bad Egg Hunt, April Events, March Top Voters, March Top Supporter

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Afternoon everyone. I'd like to start this announcement by thanking everyone that participated in the events over the past few days! The Admin auction last night took over 4.5m coins out of the economy ;) Tonight is the Good Egg or Bad Egg hunt! Make sure you come along... details below! Anyway, in this announcement;
  1. Skyblock Announcement
  2. Good Egg or Bad Egg Hunt details (TODAY)
  3. April Events
  4. March Top Voters
  5. March Top Supporter
Skyblock Announcement
A long time waiting... but I am very pleased to announce that we will be launching our own twist of the Skyblock gamemode. It will be harder compared to a traditional Skyblock server...

Phantom Rank, End Reset & Easter Updates

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Evening all! This is quite a big update which includes some parts that have been highly requested for a while. It also includes... a lot of fun!

  1. Phantom Rank
  2. End Reset
  3. Boss Eggstravagansa (Easter Event)
  4. Good Eggs & Bad Eggs (Easter Event)
  5. Admin Auctions
  6. Easter Giveaway
  7. Easter Special
Phantom Rank

We have been live for almost a year now (more on that soon ;)...) so what better time than now to introduce the Phantom Rank! It is our new flagship rank. Phantom Rank includes some great new perks, including:
  • A fancy new style prefix...

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