Sat, Jan 4th - Winter Event

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Our first server event on Industrial II will take place on Saturday, January 4th!

Time: 9PM UK / 10PM EU / 4PM NYC / 1PM LA, USA / 8AM CAN, AU

The Winter Event will include exclusive prizes and minigames only available for the duration of the event (expected 1-2 hours).

See you there :)

Welcome to Industrial II

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Thanks to everyone that came along for the launch of Industrial II!

The Alien period was a bad time for me personally for me so thank you for sticking with us and giving the server another chance.

While the launch has been relatively smooth so far, if anyone has any issues please post in Discord staff-help.

We have lots planned moving forwards into 2020 :cool:

December 21 - Industrial II Release

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Happy Holidays! I am proud to announce that Industrial II will be releasing on Saturday, December 21!

Time: 8PM UK / 9PM EU / 3PM NY, USA / 12PM LA, USA / 7AM SYDNEY, AU

This would not have been possible without the staff team, who have all contributed with ideas and builds to bring back the Industrial experience that we all know and love.

Feature List:
Getting Started Guide:

Maintenance + Retiring Alien

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The Minecraft network will be whitelisted until further notice on Wednesday, 18th December.

Alien will be retired and a world download will be provided.

Further updates will follow regarding the release of Industrial II in the coming weeks!

Check out the Industrial II feature list here.

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