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We've rebranded, April Top Voters

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Hi everyone, what a surprise we have in store for you today :p
  1. We've rebranded! Why?
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We've rebranded! Why?

With Skyblock fast approaching, we began evaluating advertising methods which included reviewing past advertisements on HCSurvival. Unfortunately, HCSurvival did not perform as well from advertisements compared to what it should have, and as a result, the overall performance of the server was crippled. We were spending almost four figures a month on advertisements at peak, and most of the time we would barely break even (and sometimes we didn't, which came out of my pocket...). Without successful advertisements, we cannot grow or achieve anything that we are hoping to...

Skyblock Release Date

Skyblock Announcement, Good Egg or Bad Egg Hunt, April Events, March Top Voters, March Top Supporter

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Afternoon everyone. I'd like to start this announcement by thanking everyone that participated in the events over the past few days! The Admin auction last night took over 4.5m coins out of the economy ;) Tonight is the Good Egg or Bad Egg hunt! Make sure you come along... details below! Anyway, in this announcement;
  1. Skyblock Announcement
  2. Good Egg or Bad Egg Hunt details (TODAY)
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Skyblock Announcement
A long time waiting... but I am very pleased to announce that we will be launching our own twist of the Skyblock gamemode. It will be harder compared to a traditional Skyblock server...

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