Admin Auction, Ceremony Contract, FUN! Winner

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Admin Auction

We will be hosting an Admin Auction on Friday, February 1st at 9PM UK / 4PM EST / 1PM PDT / 10PM CEST*.

The Auction will be Valentine's Day themed! Start preparing your cash!

2,482,000 coins were spent during the last auction.

*To be finalised.

Ceremony Contract

With Valentine's Day approaching, it is the perfect time for ceremonies!

The build can be anything related to the word 'Ceremony'!

Get creative, you have until Valentine's Day (February 14th) to complete this contract!

The winner will receive 1x Store Valentine's Pack (TO BE RELEASED!).

FUN! Contract Winner

Congratulations to DubstepLegendMC and edenrswho are the winners of the FUN! contract.

They built a very fun Go-Kart track! If that isn't fun, I don't know what is!

Ending Note

We are...

New contract, Time to Party Winner, Mining World Reset

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Congratulations to Arenis who is the winner of the 'Time to Party' contract! We had some amazing entries, but his 'Lonely Party' really took the cake! Contact us to receive your prizes.

Time for a new contract... right? Behold... the 'Fun' contract! You have 7 days to create a build/object/structure related to fun! It could be a theme park, a roller coaster, or simply a fun rail ride! It may be used on our new event server that is coming soon ;)

Finally, the Mining World will be reset this Friday, 11th January. #BringBackVillagers

Top Voters

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Votes have been reset! Start voting now to be in with a chance of winning a $40 Store Coupon at the end of the month!

As the beginning of December was quite hectic for us, we didn't draw the voters in time for it to be a fair count. So this time only, we are giving away 8 vote prizes! The winners are as follows...

1. Halmatrix - $40 Store Coupon
2. Sabian187 - $25 Store Coupon
3. ChickenNugget__ - $10 Store Coupon
4. BeingMrCulotten - $10 Store Coupon
5. pokeepoof - $10 Store Coupon
6. MartyWombat - $10 Store Coupon
7. Ravved - $10 Store Coupon
8. PurpWolf - $10 Store Coupon

Start voting now here!

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