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MC-Ages - Minecraft 1.13.1 Small Survival Server

Industrial, Creative updates & June Top Voters

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Hey everyone! How you doing... staying cool in this heat?! o_O Anyway, in today's update...
  1. Industrial
  2. Creative updates
  3. June Top Voters

So you may know that Industrial is our new Survival server that is coming soon. It is an additional server based around the Industrial theme with quarries, companies, and lots of new Survival features (including a new claim system :eek:). It is not replacing the current Survival server, but we hope that everyone will enjoy it and move over... the current Survival server is over a year old. It has thousands of corrupt chunks and map issues... nothing fun! However, if demand stays high for it once the new Survival is out we will of course keep it going. Sound fair? :p

We hope to...

Skyblock Crews update

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Skyblock Crews

Similar to Survival Tribes, but simplified for Skyblock! Crews cost 250k and have a max member count of 5. Crew Top is organised by your Crew Bank balance.

The Top Crew at the end of the month (June) will receive a prestigious 'Top Skyblock Crew' Discord Tag for each member, as well as 1 million for the Crew Bank!

There's 5 Crew Ranks:
- Newbie (1)
- Rookie (2)
- Veteran (3)
- Officer (4)
- Leader (5)

- /crew create Name
- /crew disband (5)
- /crew invite Player (2)
- /crew join Name
- /crew promote Player (5)
- /crew demote Player (5)
- /crew kick Player (3)
- /crew leave
- /crew deposit $
- /crew withdraw $ (4)
- /crew friendlyfire (4)
- /crew top

THE_INDUSTRIAL_PROJECT, Build Contest, May Top Voters

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Hi everyone! Been a little while. How's everyone doing? Exams over? Anyway... time for some announcements, right?!
  2. May top voters
  3. Summer build contest


Vanilla players rarely get the chance to experience Modded Minecraft and all the extra fun it can bring to traditional Minecraft. In Modded Minecraft, you can do anything from running your own quarry to setting up your own factory! We want to create a gamemode that has the accessibility of Vanilla Minecraft, but with some of the features that Modded Minecraft has to offer. It will be set around the Industrial revolution, with quests and a story line. We hope to appeal to both audiences and create something that can be enjoyed...

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