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Phantom Rank, End Reset & Easter Updates

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Evening all! This is quite a big update which includes some parts that have been highly requested for a while. It also includes... a lot of fun!

  1. Phantom Rank
  2. End Reset
  3. Boss Eggstravagansa (Easter Event)
  4. Good Eggs & Bad Eggs (Easter Event)
  5. Admin Auctions
  6. Easter Giveaway
  7. Easter Special
Phantom Rank

We have been live for almost a year now (more on that soon ;)...) so what better time than now to introduce the Phantom Rank! It is our new flagship rank. Phantom Rank includes some great new perks, including:
  • A fancy new style prefix...

Nether reset, future plans and sale

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Hi everyone! Long time no see! Just a few small things as well as a bit of an insight into our future plans.
  1. Nether reset
  2. Future plans
  3. Crate Keys Sale
Nether reset
I'm planning to reset the Nether world this Saturday, 17th March at 8pm UK time (http://itsalmo.st/#hc-nether-reset). We used to do this regularly, and I believe some of the issues it caused have been resolved. An End reset will follow in the coming weeks if all goes according to plan.

Future plans
I am back and active on the server once again. Some of the projects which I left behind are going to resume, and I will provide updates once we are ready. Digital will focus on development and other backend updates, while I handle the...

March Announcements

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Hey all, the end of a short month has arrived. Valentine's day has been and gone, March is here and we are almost a quarter of the way through 2018!!
  1. March Events
  2. February Top Voters
  3. February Hall of Fame

March Events
More information on this months events can be found at,
(Last Month; Event Lottery - Amor & Valentine's Build: Phoupasong

February Top Voters
Thank you to everyone that is continuing to vote for the server! February Top Voters are...

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