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Changes are coming

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I'm now around again and working on some big changes for the server.

There will be no hype or marketing. The aim is purely to bring back the vibe that brought you all to MC-Ages in the first place.

Hold tight, I'll let you know when we are ready! Join our Discord to be the first to know.


The Lunar Market is out now on our 1.14 Survival

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Where's the market? Wen market? Uhhh dude.. the market should be out by now....!!?? Fear no more, our first (of many!) markets is out now.

If you played our Industrial Server, you may have experienced the terrific lag as you browsed the market. Or, if you didn't I am jealous of your computer!

We are going to try a new approach on Alien with markets. We are going to have lots of smaller markets so that the lag isn't as bad.

Travel to our market planets (created by our wonderful staff team) and buy and sell with other players. You can rent a market plot for $360/7 days. There is much more room to get creative, with the build height up to 100 blocks!

We have a new Chest Shop system, which is quite similar but it allows you to break chest shops from old plot owners! (I bet you never thought we'd ever fix that).

To create a chest shop, place a sign on a chest as follows:
FIRST LINE - (blank)
SECOND LINE - quantity
THIRD LINE - price

Blog Start your Minecraft 1.14 Survival adventure

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Have you tried out our new 1.14 Survival server yet? It just launched and features everything you are familar with... but with a few new additions! We have upgraded our land claim system so it is much easier to expand your survival world and form your empire.

The new 1.14 Server is themed with Aliens! As you join the spawn world you will see that the spawn looks invaded and ruined.. but fear not it is perfectly safe! Jump into the fire portal at spawn and you can begin your adventure.

Team up with friends and form your own Minecraft Realm on MC-Ages. You can co-op with as many friends as you like, and it is totally free of charge! Hop onto MC-Ages and choose the Alien Survival server from the Minecraft Multiplayer hub.

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