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Egyptian rework

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Egyptian is closing while we rework it.

While it was a nice concept, it doesn't fit the rest of the network in its current form.

It is being remade into a Factions PvP server with features that are closer to Industrial!

March Free Gift, February Top Voters, Ceremony Contract Winner

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Top Voters

Halmatrix/PurpWolf - $40 Store Coupon
Sabian187 - $25 Store Coupon
Dieny11 - $10 Store Coupon

Another tie this month! PM me to receive your coupons.

Thank you to everyone that continues to vote for the server!

March Free Gift

Claim the fancy looking Happy Tag, Sunny Tag, and Lucky Tag now!

Free from our store

Ceremony Contract Winner

Congratulations to Amisco who wins the Ceremony Contract!

PM me to receive your prize.

Industrial Play Ranks - Machine, Powerful

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Are you leading the way in the Industrial Revolution? Want to be recognised for your efforts? Or simply want to unlock some amazing perks... a Play Rank may be for you!

Machine Perks:
  • Fancy 'Machine' in-game tag
  • Your very own global server warp! - /warp YourNameHere
  • Discord Tag
Machine Requirements:
  • 5x mcMMO skills at level 1,000
  • Cost of 500,000 coins

Powerful Perks:
  • Prestigious 'Powerful' in-game tag
  • A warp for your Guild! - /warp YourGuildHere
  • ALL Particle Effects! - /cosmetics
  • Discord Tag
Powerful Requirements:
  • All mcMMO skills at level 1,000
  • Cost of 1,250,000 coins
These ranks only apply to the Industrial Age and may be removed at any time. Parent skills only.

To claim a Play Rank, ensure that you meet...

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Arbys We have the meatz!
thimkin bout;;; labiz
Just found a huge area of diamond and gold, plugin turned them all into stone except 2 gold blocks :(
However, today must be my lucky day because I also saw another spot with diamonds and gold, got 12 diamonds and 11 gold ore from it.

Edit: Drowned 3 times getting stuck in an underwater cave xD
i did but it takes me to this page and it doesn't say anything but to go to the discord or this website
how do i get the free member rank here?