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3 new Building Contracts

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Afternoon everyone. Time for some new contracts, don't you think?

But first... the winner of Harry's Base contract!

Congratulations to HairlessRat who created a base I want to move in to like now...

Contact us to receive your prizes.

New Contracts

  • Spaceship
  • Castle
  • Ship
These new mega-contracts have 30 days and each gives the winner a $10 Store Coupon!

Hop in-game now and start building! ;)

Mob Arena

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Mobs have invaded the Industrial server in hordes, bringing their own bosses and all sorts... we must defeat them!

Become a Knight, Ninja, Archer or Medic in the new Mob Arena! Take on waves of mobs to receive prizes.

Co-op with other players and try to reach Wave 100! (We all know you want that exclusive Boss tag, amirite?)

Classes will need to be tweaked and various other bugs may pop up. Rewards will also be tweaked if needed. Just let us know your thoughts in this thread and we will do our best to make it perfect!

To play...
  1. Empty your inventory​
  2. Type /arena to join​
  3. Pick a class by punching the sign in the lobby.​
  4. The arena will auto run after 2...​

Top Voters, Upcoming Arena Update, Free Gift

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Top Voters
  1. Halmatrix ($40 STORE COUPON)
  2. Ravved + PurpWolf ($25 STORE COUPON) TIE!
  3. Sabian187 ($10 STORE COUPON)
Upcoming Arena Update

Time to polish your best gear! An Arena update is coming on Industrial next Friday!

February Free Gift

You always wanted a Mini-Pig Balloon, right? Knew it... get not only that but also a Perfect Tag and Fancy Tag this month!

Claim it now here


p.s. contract winners will be announced soon with the launch of new contracts.

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