Our summer plans, what's next and Easter Sale

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Hey everyone, been a while since we've had a lil chat!

The server has continued to flourish over the past few months which I'm really proud of!

For those who don't know, I'm also a uni student in my other life which means I don't always have the time to be working on the server. Building also owns several businesses of his own, so he can't always be around to pick up the slack.

A lot of the core features on Industrial are hard-coded into the server (Communities, Building Contracts, etc.) which require me to edit the code in order to update.

Obviously, this isn't ideal and paired with how busy I am this can lead to them being out of date.

Now, moving forward I want to automate as many features on the server as possible, so we can take a step back and focus on bigger updates to further improve MC-Ages.

This brings me onto my next point, 1.14...

We are planning to launch a new Age for 1.14, the Alien Age.

1. Communities will be automated as you will be able...

New Tag Packs, April Free Gift, March Top Voters

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New Tags Pack

New April themed tag packs are available now!

Check them out in-game with /credits

April Free Gift

Are you Foolish, or are you Blooming?

Grab the April Free Gift here

March Top Voters

Thank you to everyone that continues to vote for the server every month.

The March Top Voters are as follows:
  1. Bandalero ($40 Store Coupon)
  2. Dieny11 ($25 Store Coupon)
  3. Nemora ($10 Store Coupon)
Congratulations! Private message me on Discord to receive your prizes.

Network Maintenance

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Hi all,

The network is now in maintenance mode while we transfer the servers to new hardware.

Thank you for understanding, join our Discord here for the latest updates.


Egyptian rework

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Egyptian is closing while we rework it.

While it was a nice concept, it doesn't fit the rest of the network in its current form.

It is being remade into a Factions PvP server with features that are closer to Industrial!

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