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    Lighthouse Building Contest

    Minecraft Name: GrandCanyoneer Build Name: Mayday /home name: /home lh To View "Mayday" You must first set: Ptime to Midnight, Pweather to Storm, and Brightness to Moody. Lean back, and enjoy the ride--I mean, build. This is Mandatory and not optional.
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    It's a reset, and I don't know.
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    Premium Forum Rank

    1. Minecraft Name: 7015316 2. In-Game rank: Wither 3. Discord Tag: SOG#7693
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    Selling Gunpowder

    As the title suggests, I think players should be able to sell gunpowder half the price they buy it, (like everything else) because I have a creeper spawner, and a backload of gunpowder I don't know what to do with.
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    Add Sell Wands and Trench Picks.

    You're welcome.
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    Add Sell Wands and Trench Picks.

    you can hold a cactus in your cursor, shift double click a stack of cacti and move all cacti(as possible) into your inventory, then once that's done, you can do /shopgui and sell the cacti
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    Member Rank

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    Sitting plugin.

    Well yes, but it's not as aesthaetically pleasing.
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    Sitting plugin.

    I am here to suggest a "sitting plugin"(I don't know what it's called.) where a player can right click a stair and sit down on it. Simple as that. No more explanation needed really.