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    Nice profile picture :P

    Nice profile picture :P
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    I'm a peaceful man building. I just buy blood bags!

    I'm a peaceful man building. I just buy blood bags!
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    Hi! Im new...

    welcome to there server! :)
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    My introduction

    Welcome to the server! I'm sure you will be able to find trustworthy comrades as we have a friendly community here!
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    Hello there!

    Heyo! Glad to have you here! Deep respect for you artists! maybe you can use some of that amazing talent in game to make stunning creations? (i'm sure looking forward to it ;)) Hope you enjoy playing here and be sure to let us know if something is wrong. :)
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    They're Coming for your........Carrots!!

    Good thing i don't have any :p
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    Skyblock Release Date

    The hype tho. Wow.
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    Yes or No

    Yes. R U MINECRAFT PRO!!!???
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    Dude charlotte love it <3

    Dude charlotte love it <3
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    Yes or No

    Yes. Are you weird?
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    Would you rather?

    Have all the money in the world! Would you rather have taste buds on your butthole or poop through your mouth.
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    Five Letters

    T A Y N M Tentacle anime? Yeah not me. Next: P V Q I S
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    Five Letters

    E O K E W Eastern's orage kraken eats windows. (Watch out microsoft :rolleyes:) Next: S W Y S D
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    Would you rather?

    Hearing. You and you dog are stranded in an island. And there is no food any where. Would you rather eat your dog or die of starvation.