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    Building Style for my Base!

    Hey guys just wondering what building style I should put on top of my claim. its a islandy very watery claim with mostly sand. Was wondering what type of style I should build on it and do keep in mind I do have a laboratory underneath the water like within the islands and underground of the...
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    Various Commands for Donors or Members.

    So I briefly wanted to create this thread as a brainstorming platform for what people think. Should there be more commands added for Donors, Members, or even guests? If so what are there function and why should they be added? Id like to hear some of your guys' opinions please feel free to reply...
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    Wallets, Mods, and You Tube

    This sounds cool on paper but I think alot of developement would need to go into make this work and sadly I dont think there will be enough server support for it :(. And the biomes sorry I cant agree with the only thing that I can think of that were missing is jungle biomes other than that the...
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    AFK Autofarm Petition *closed*

    You make so much sense but with recent growth of the server there is plenty to purchase more ram and provide more bug cleaning and lag clearing pluggins. We also dont have a super high player base so not that many people would actually be afking.
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    AFK Autofarm Petition *closed*

    You make some decent points but machine requires mccmmo which is an absolute grind to get and would still be as hard. AFK farms only help with the money portion of machine which could easily be raised.
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    AFK Autofarm Petition *closed*

    Petition closed
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    Premium Forum Rank

    Minecraft Name: DrAquatica InGame Rank: Phantom Thanks so much for all you guys do!
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    Phantom Rank Qualities + Server Improvements

    Hi my name is Carson, I currently play on this server and have the rank Phantom.My in game username is DrAquatica. I am going to be laying some ideas out on the table. Obviously most of these are rough ideas and possible "improvements" to what is already within the current version of the game...