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    Treasure Map Giveaway!

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    milk is nice

    milk is nice
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    Introduction to mwah

    Aqua I don't know if I should like this or not... (no worries i did)
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    Introduction to mwah

    Alright, its about time I do this. Hello! My mc-name changes a lot, so I'll just say refer to me as either strawb or rock (not spoopy cough couGH). I'm a machine on the server and spend most of my time there goofing off or trying to help out others (seriously I'm a machine and am just now...
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    hey dude

    hey dude
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    AFK Autofarm Petition *closed*

    So, I would like to make a few comments. 1. This isn't pure vanilla, we have plugins 2. Letting people afk farm would make getting ranks like machine easy, and it wouldn't be an accomplishment anymore 3. The current economy has been worked on over and over again, the staff make sure that it is...
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    Premium Forum Rank

    Minecraft Name: strawberry_rock In-Game Rank: Machine Discord Tag: strawberry milk? heck yes#3938
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    Premium rank forum badge

    IGN: strawberry_rock Rank: Guardian
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    Halloween on MC-Ages

    Also here's my build: McRocks
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    Halloween on MC-Ages

    Heyo! As Halloween is in two days, I've finally decided to make the final change. I now have a spooptabulous skin! A great addition to my new name.
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    Minecraft name: Spoopy_Rock (However that will change soon, I'll announce it when it does) Community name: Everearth Description: An underground community, surviving after a terrible fallout. We are new but will thrive if we can get enough help! Link to town thread: Right here :3...
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    Alert to everyone in EverEarth: Please take you own from the place The guild will be disbanded tomorrow, if you need more time tell me, I'll let you tpa Make sure you have nothing valuable there I'm sorry for inconvinences I really don't have the time to run a guild rn <3 -Rock