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    ooo!!! I can't wait to read them all

    ooo!!! I can't wait to read them all
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    How To Make Money On The Server

    Thanks for this great guide cheffie <3
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    Yes or No

    Yeah! I already know what I'm gonna get :) Do you have pets?
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    Hey xLed! I don't think I've ever been fishing in my life :oops: honestly you must have some serious patience! Welcome to the server and I hope you enjoy your time here at MC-Ages!
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    Would you rather?

    I'd rather play outdated 1.13 Would you rather have snakes for arms or 8 eyes (like a spider)
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    Yes or No

    Yeah! Do you like Chocolate Milk?
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    EdibleCode - An introduction

    Hey EdibleCode! Welcome to the server - make sure you say hi when you see me in game :)
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    Yes or No

    Yes! Do you like coffee?
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    The user above me...

    The person above me gets no capes :3
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    Yes or No

    Nope Do you like mint chocolate chip ice cream?
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    Five Letters

    Previous: HIACA Hi, I am currently asleep! Next: PYNEO
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    The Word Game!

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    Would you rather?

    Succeed at failing, the top business owners have usually failed multiple times! Would you rather burn everything you cook or undercook everything?
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    well hello there

    well hello there
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    Premium Ranks

    These ranks are the server's premium ranks, each rank gives extra perks. You are able to purchase these ranks from the server store. All Premium ranks come with a discord tag and access to the Premium Channels on our server's discord. Blaze Rank Requirements: Premium Ranks don't have...
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    narutouzmicki - introduction

    Welcome to the sever! Make sure to say Hi when you next see me in game :)
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    Abandoned Doggy House

    This is genuinely the cutest way I've seen anyone deal with abandoned dogs :') I hope they find their owner soon!
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    Hello All!

    Glad to see you're enjoying the server! Hope to see you in game soon :P
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    Hey D0gmaa! I'm also UK based and love animals :D - make sure to say hi when you next see me in game! Glad to see you've settled into the server well and I hope to see more of you when I'm next online <3