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  1. Miluiel

    Yes or No

    Yes (I have two kittens) Do you like learning a new language?
  2. Miluiel

    Yes or No

    No Do you like cheesecake?
  3. Miluiel

    Five Letters

    PYNEO Perfect youth never ensures optimism HALAG
  4. Miluiel

    Would you rather?

    Burn everything. Would you rather play 1.14 with bugs or outdated 1.13
  5. Miluiel

    1.12 Play Ranks

    Ranks that were obtainable in 1.12: Hardcore Requirements: Can't be achieved through afk-ing 5 skills at 1000 5 skills at 100 1 Million coins Hardcore Perks: Access to the Hardcore shop A warp Elite Requirements: Hardcore rank achieved 5 skills at 2000 The rest of the skills at...
  6. Miluiel


    You have to create one in game first (do /g create <name> , it costs 4k) and then you post on here with the info :)
  7. Miluiel

    yeah, just message me when you see me in game!

    yeah, just message me when you see me in game!
  8. Miluiel

    A rustling in the jungle

    It looks great so far! Can't wait to see the finished product :)
  9. Miluiel

    Suggestion to add Tree Capitator

    Hi xX_Dead_Eye_Xx, We appreciate it that you took the time to make a suggestion. However we already have mcmmo that has treefeller. To activate treefeller you have to right click your axe (when not looking at the log so it doesn’t strip it) and then break the log! I hope this will help you! :)
  10. Miluiel


    okay, just message me, moobit or nicksteel01 in when you see one of us in game :)
  11. Miluiel


    When are you able to be online?
  12. Miluiel

    Contract submissions

    1. Minecraft name: Miluiel 2. Contract: Ship 3. Submission name: Airship 4. Screenshots: (coords: 9622 / 116 / 7445)
  13. Miluiel

    Botania Magica (/warp Miluiel)

    Come check out the Mall I made it is called Botanica Magica. This is not a mall like /warp mall! It is open already so message or mail me (in game) if you want to rent! Rules: - No destroying other people's shops, You will get kicked out of the mall. - After renting a shop please return the...
  14. Miluiel


    we'd love to have you, just send me a message when you see me in game (I am Miluiel in game)
  15. Miluiel


    If you see me in game send me a message :)
  16. Miluiel

    We need you! Apply to become a Helper

    You posted your application in the wrong place! post it here:
  17. Miluiel


    Just send me a message when you see me in game! :)
  18. Miluiel


    Okay just send me a message when you see me in game :)
  19. Miluiel


    okay just contact me in game when you see me
  20. Miluiel


    if one of you sees me online just ask if you can join :) <3