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  1. EdnaRunescape


    Hey Noodle! Welcome to MC-Ages, make sure to say Hi when you see me in game :D -Eden
  2. EdnaRunescape

    Its_Ruz - An introduction

    Ruzzie! Glad to see someone *finally* made an introduction post (I made mine when I joined :P ) and I'm also glad to have another person that I can prank on the staff team. -Eden (You're gonna get signed)
  3. EdnaRunescape

    love the server! :)

    Welcome to MC-Ages Puma! Make sure you say hi to me if you see me :) -Eden
  4. EdnaRunescape


    Howdy Izzy, Glad that you finalllyyyyyyyyyyy came around to doing one :P
  5. EdnaRunescape

    RabidFlea's First Post :D

    Welcome to MC-Ages Rabid! We're so glad to have you as a member of our sever and I can't wait to see you in game :P Make sure you say Hi when you see me! -Eden
  6. EdnaRunescape

    Hi! I'm Itz_Pony

    Hey Itz_Pony! Welcome to the server :) Glad to see you on our server <3
  7. EdnaRunescape

    Intro :)

    Hey Pixie! Great to see you do an intro and I look forward to seeing you in game again :P
  8. EdnaRunescape


    Hey sleepy! I also have cats (only two though!), I can't wait to see you in game :D Make sure you say hi!
  9. EdnaRunescape

    Tag packs/crystals

    Hey Miluiel, Thank you for your suggestion! From now on, A message will now be sent with the purchases and the shop menu will close. Cheers, Eden.
  10. EdnaRunescape

    Nice! Welcome to the server <3

    Nice! Welcome to the server <3
  11. EdnaRunescape

    Infinite Money - Alien Age

    Thanks for posting this! It's gonna be very useful to a fair amount of us lol
  12. EdnaRunescape

    Making a fortune on Alien Age

    little did I know I would become a victim
  13. EdnaRunescape

    Making a fortune on Alien Age

    I love the pfp you have xD
  14. EdnaRunescape

    The Word Game!

  15. EdnaRunescape

    Birds + tree

    It looks amazing, the tree is also gorgeous! :) -EdenRS
  16. EdnaRunescape

    Five Letters

    HALAG He always loves amber gravy DNETV
  17. EdnaRunescape

    The Word Game!

  18. EdnaRunescape

    Yes or No

    Yes, I can remember almost all of the French I learnt! Do you have any pets?
  19. EdnaRunescape


    Glad to see you back into Minecraft! Welcome to the server :)
  20. EdnaRunescape


    Hey Kingsley (or Joe)! Welcome to MC-Ages, I've only watched the first season of GoT but I'd love to see your inspired builds when I'm next online :) Hope you enjoy playing on the server <3