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  1. Callum

    Congrats on helper

    Congrats on helper
  2. Callum

    Premium Forum Rank

    1. IGN; xdcj 2. In-Game Rank: Blaze 3.Discord Tag xdcj#0611
  3. Callum

    Little Submission

    Can we get like a player time system where we can see how long we have been playing the server for? I remember this being a thing not too sure if it still is or not.
  4. Callum

    Hello, guys need some help with coming up with some ideas for space I have im going to put a...

    Hello, guys need some help with coming up with some ideas for space I have im going to put a wheat farm in there and coloured sheep. ill send screenshots if anyone if even reply...
  5. Callum

    cj - introduction

    Hello, my name is CJ (Callum) I like to grind hard on Minecraft so you will see me around in the servers discord and in general chat on the server I am a really friendly person can be angry some times too I like to build things that are nice and cute because that's my building style ya know...
  6. Callum

    Guest Introduction Post for member rank

    ING: xdcj was one for like years bruh moment
  7. Callum

    Bye Bye HCS

    Im Leaving HCS and never coming back (even if i get unbanned) its a matter of there was no updates coming out for it was just boring me so i moved to factions server its a alot better for me because i do a lot of pvp So Bye Guys! PS i love this server no hate its just that it needs a bit of a...
  8. Callum

    Little Intro!

    Yo its me CallumJones! I Would like to say i hope you guys enjoy this server cause i do a lot! but have a little thing so i can't play so when i can i will edit this to say something else. Im gonna show you so moments what i have done in HCS! Hope you enjoy...
  9. Callum

    Elytra Giveaway

    dude i have a kinda problem so expect me to be late getting it the promblem is something i can't talk about because of rules but if you have discord comment it i will add you and talk
  10. Callum

    Elytra Giveaway

  11. Callum


    Hi sorry i was eill and could not get on so i can get on now {;
  12. Callum


    Can anyone join or what?
  13. Callum

    Lost Build

    Ok thanks Noxy
  14. Callum

    Lost Build

    can you post the photo on to here please ? i can enlarge the picture
  15. Callum

    Lost Build

    i have screen shots here is one
  16. Callum

    September Events

    I can't look at my off topic post
  17. Callum

    Lost Build

    So i was in a tribe what had a set home to my farm and my build comp place. and someone deleted the tribe what do i do and the farm was not claimed cause i forgot. :mad: -Callum aka ca1lumj0nes
  18. Callum

    September Events

    Week 1 Built by myself took 1 hour and alot of money on wool :)
  19. Callum

    Fantasia Theme Park!!!

    I got some screenshots too {: @Noxy
  20. Callum

    New to server

    Welcome Scraggles! :)