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    Voting on restarting the server

    Can players get the ability to vote on restarting the server? This will be useful when the server is slowing down and there's too many entities that spawned in which needs to be cleared of. This vote can alert any admins on discord so they may deal with the issue, kinda like the skip command for...
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    Skip a portion of night time on 1.14 alien age

    For whatever reason night seems to be quite buggy and last longer than it should be. During my experience, night tends to be laggier than day and thus lasts longer than day by a significant amount. Night typically doubles when the average player base is on the server. My theory is that the...
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    I am back... it was a hard time to go through, but I am back

    I made this account a long time ago because I like cookies and my childhood hero (and still is) was cookiemonster. I have no idea what I'm doing, but I just want to join a server where the community is active. P.S. I am an idiot P.S.S What does P.S even stand for