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  1. pixieflower14

    Industrial II "Coming Soon"

    Alien will be removed, as announced in #news on discord. Industrial II will replace the current age.
  2. pixieflower14

    Alien Schematica map tribute!

    Ooooh exciting! I'd submit something but ach... I'm gonna start fresh. Great idea though!
  3. pixieflower14

    Staff help

    Staff-help is a channel on the mc ages discord, however, you're more than welcome to message staff directly on here, as well as in game. :)
  4. pixieflower14

    Tha gaol agam air Alba - "I love Scotland" - Scottish Gaelic

    Tha gaol agam air Alba - "I love Scotland" - Scottish Gaelic
  5. pixieflower14

    Haud yer wheesht!

    Haud yer wheesht!
  6. pixieflower14

    Changes are coming

    Alternatively, the menu to your left also has a vote link :)
  7. pixieflower14

    Changes are coming

    Voting is still a thing, vote links are still available. The /vote doesn't work at present in game however, I usually type" mc ages vote" into Google and it'll be the top link.
  8. pixieflower14

    Bring back the fishing contest plug-in?

    Id love to see the return of the plug in for the fishing contests, it was a handy way of making money. Right enough, if it isn't able to be changed to match the economy, then I can see why it may not come back. However, if they were less prevalent perhaps? It might make it all the more...
  9. pixieflower14

    Intro :)

    Thankyou Eden! I won't be on as much as I was but hopefully my desktop will be repaired in 2 weeks (ish) and I'll intermittently use the laptop for now :) thanks again!
  10. pixieflower14

    Intro :)

    Not a new server member, been here a while but finally decided to make an introductory post! My ign is pixieflower14 however my real name is Rachel. I've been on the server for either a year or a little over. I love Minecraft because of how relaxing it is, not to mention the endless...
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    Premium Forum Rank

    1. IGN - pixieflower14 2. In game Rank: Phantom 3.Discord tag: pixieflower#8210