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  1. Wattlegum

    Minecraft 1.14 Support

    Agree Scraggles. .. Also .. 1. Spent nearly 3 hours mining for lapis, most of it while mining turned into stone upon exposure since it was buried. (same with other ores!) 2. Tried to claim land, only to be informed that I could not claim because it was not adjacent to my existing claim but...
  2. Wattlegum

    Industrial Play Ranks - Machine, Powerful

    Hi everyone, I'm applying for 'Powerful' rank. Thanks for the challenge. 1:All mcmmo skills at 1000+ (What a grind! Many weeknights and weekends!) 2:Balance > 1,250,000 (Please update my discord tag.) Thanks for providing decent a server to play on Harry (and building) :) Thanks to all the other...
  3. Wattlegum

    Minecraft 1.14 Support

    I agree Tivum. Maybe 2 notices 1: Stating that 1.14 is coming 'The Alien Age' and 2: probably more important, that this server is still 1.13.2 I've already explained to numerous players, after they were questioning why certain thing don't work, that this is not a 1.14 server and then they...
  4. Wattlegum

    Giga Drill Breaks Broken Block Verification

    I've had this happen as well. If you place a block where the 'ghost' block is, it will show/change to the block should have been there.
  5. Wattlegum


    Not a big one, autoblocks does not work with bonemeal.
  6. Wattlegum


    Thanks for looking into all this Harry.
  7. Wattlegum


    1: I've noticed that when I do '/repair all' instead of '/fix all' no items are repaired. The problem is that when using a '/fix all' immediately after a '/repair all' the server states that I cannot use this command until the next 24 hour period. 2: When doing a '/fix all' whilst holding an...
  8. Wattlegum

    Phantom rank

    1. The phantom rank appears in chat but the tab list still shows my old rank (dragon) 2. If I get more than 18 pets do more slots appear in 'Select a MyPet' . I seem to have only 18 3. On the store site, when upgrading from 'Dragon' to 'Phantom' it states that I need to have 'Wither' rank rather...