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  1. Wattlegum


    Not a big one, autoblocks does not work with bonemeal.
  2. Wattlegum


    1: I've noticed that when I do '/repair all' instead of '/fix all' no items are repaired. The problem is that when using a '/fix all' immediately after a '/repair all' the server states that I cannot use this command until the next 24 hour period. 2: When doing a '/fix all' whilst holding an...
  3. Wattlegum

    Phantom rank

    1. The phantom rank appears in chat but the tab list still shows my old rank (dragon) 2. If I get more than 18 pets do more slots appear in 'Select a MyPet' . I seem to have only 18 3. On the store site, when upgrading from 'Dragon' to 'Phantom' it states that I need to have 'Wither' rank rather...