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  1. LiberatedWaveMan

    The ReIntroduction of EdnaRunescape

    Ayyyyy good to have you back!
  2. LiberatedWaveMan

    A Big Thank You

    With my recent promotion to Helper, for which I'm infinitely grateful, I feel it's only right that I thank the people who have supported me along the way, from friends, to staff both past and present. So without further ado, here's the folks that have really stood up for me. PigeonRose_...
  3. LiberatedWaveMan

    Introduction, I guess?

    Always good to have a fresh face around here, enjoy your time on the server!
  4. LiberatedWaveMan

    Congrats to Staff!

    I would just like to give my personal congratulations- as an appreciative player of the server since the original Industrial, on the success of Industrial 2, and to the folks that have recently made staff or have been promoted to mod. Y'all are the best, keep it up!
  5. LiberatedWaveMan

    /Tempignore- should it be a thing?

    that's great, but people are people and sometimes we are very dumb
  6. LiberatedWaveMan

    /Tempignore- should it be a thing?

    Sometimes we can't take it. Sometimes that one guy shows up and you need a little bit of time to prepare before you can handle him. Wouldn't it be great if we could temporarily ignore someone, so that we can drop an argument or a fight, and go back to normal, say- 30 minutes later? I have no...
  7. LiberatedWaveMan


  8. LiberatedWaveMan

    F-key collision with the chunk claiming keybind

    Although that is a viable solution, I think it may still be problematic, as it'd be a new mechanic for new and old players to learn; and for such a task that's usually done mindlessly by pressing the F key, I think it would be hard to adapt. It's up to you, however
  9. LiberatedWaveMan

    F-key collision with the chunk claiming keybind

    Industrial 2 is a massive success by all means, and is an amazing experience; however, there is one small issue which I have noticed. During gameplay, the F key is bound to quickly claim the chunk in which the player is standing; this also happens to be the same key that is normally used to swap...
  10. LiberatedWaveMan

    MC Ages, 5 star server

    Honestly, I was skeptical at first, but MC Ages is by far the best Minecraft server I have played in my six years of playing, and with an economy-based survival system and a great community, there's truly something for everyone.