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  1. Scraggles

    Monthly kit broken

    Made a report earlier and nothing happened, so figured make a report openly as the one about fly got replied to Essentially in April, I tried to claim the 3000 CB, nothing happened I have not claimed it this month as it will probably not work either can I get my april CB back ? Apr 28, 2020...
  2. Scraggles

    Fly Broken

    Was playing the other day and noticed that /fly was intermittent, sometimes it worked and other times it did not. Went off to play on another server where /fly works. My house is built with /fly in mind as it is mostly underground. Can it be fixed ?
  3. Scraggles

    stoneblock ?

    Not impressed so far, the map is literally stone with a trace of other elements seeded, must have mined a chest or two worth of stone to find 10 iron, less than 10 coal and a few redstone. A sprouting tree trapped and killed the cow called moo, so now have a cow egg that is pointless using as...
  4. Scraggles

    missing claims

    the monthly claim block gift had no effect and nothing received
  5. Scraggles

    Admin help wanted

    Hi all Came back from some time offline to find that the /pwarp scraggles town centre had been removed and a lava trap had been left to kill any players who do not have /fly Only noticed it when I used it and was falling towards the lava Seems /trust player gives them full access to the claim...
  6. Scraggles

    House Permissions

    Hi All Well worth checking who has trust on your claims, had a <banned player> accidentally added to my house and not the town farm and was puzzled to see a cobble column where none was previously, my special chest containing a spare iron golem, 2.5 stacks of diamond blocks and more industrial...
  7. Scraggles

    Bring back phantoms

    Find that those mobs that fly do bring a challenge to member who fly and seem to drop stuff useful for tridents, I know some of the kids want a mob free experience, but that has never been survival but creative. as long as players use a bed every now and then, it is not too bad
  8. Scraggles

    missing mayor tag

    Hi Got a mayor tag, but not in the inventory and so assumed a snafu Discord broken for me, so hope this works
  9. Scraggles

    Scraggle Town

    Set up the main home at a random terracotta area with rivers and soil, then helped some new players who wanted somewhere to put a home X-6678 Y+7939 No building rules, if you want to make it out of cobble or wood / glass it is entirely your choice, if you want to have building style dictated...
  10. Scraggles


    Hi all, Newish tribe, putting spare cash into the tribe to get various benefits like higher member count Current members: Gleipner Khaplis