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  1. EdnaRunescape

    Introducing your benevolent panda overlord

    I think we should go around the server and just put british flags everywhere >:)
  2. EdnaRunescape

    A Big Thank You

    I'm so proud of the progress you've made! And despite not being staff anymore, I'll always be here to help you with any advice <3 -Edna
  3. EdnaRunescape

    Please go check out /pwarp Plunder

    Sounds good! I look forward to seeing it finished and I'll be sure to donate any spare materials I have lying around :D -Edna
  4. EdnaRunescape

    The ReIntroduction of EdnaRunescape

    Hey guys! For those of you that don't know me (and considering i've not been in game for six months) I figured I should probably reintroduce myself on here. So who am I? In Minecraft i go by the name IceWazowski whilst in real life I go by Eden or Edna, I've been a member of the server for a...
  5. EdnaRunescape

    Snorry's introduction :-)

    Hey Snorry!I also love scuba diving and video games. I would say welcome to the server but We've played on industrial 1 so you're basically a veteran player lol. Thanks for the dirt box ;) -Edna
  6. EdnaRunescape

    Guess whos back kids

    Guess whos back kids
  7. EdnaRunescape

    Bring back phantoms

    I'm the red one
  8. EdnaRunescape

    higgsyboi introduction

    Hey Jack! Welcome to the server :P - I'm always around for a chat if you have discord? :)
  9. EdnaRunescape

    Welcome to Industrial II

    my ping looks amazing :eek:
  10. EdnaRunescape

    br0v Introduction

    Welcome to MC-Ages, nice to meet you :P
  11. EdnaRunescape

    December 21 - Industrial II Release

    See you there ;)
  12. EdnaRunescape

    Industrial II feature list

    Well I know that now :')
  13. EdnaRunescape

    Industrial II - Getting Started Guide

    Exciting times! :eek:
  14. EdnaRunescape

    Industrial II feature list

    No date has been confirmed yet! However, we will announce it on our discord and on here when a date is set :P
  15. EdnaRunescape

    Industrial II "Coming Soon"

    Don't worry! We're preparing heavily for the release of the new world. Whilst I don't know what details I can give out, I can say that we're looking into all. of that and are making sure we have everything ready for any news posts and the server release :)
  16. EdnaRunescape

    Industrial II "Coming Soon"

    So am I :P
  17. EdnaRunescape

    Candyland - MC Ages' First Theme Park is now OPEN!

    Aw no! I'd be more than happy to help you with the construction of it (once I've built my dirt hut obviously)
  18. EdnaRunescape

    Industrial II "Coming Soon"

    I wanna obliterate my old house :')
  19. EdnaRunescape

    Just keep interacting on the forums with other players!

    Just keep interacting on the forums with other players!
  20. EdnaRunescape

    Overpowered /back command

    Not only that but the economy went into hyperinflation!