1. haz

    Blog Start your Minecraft 1.14 Survival adventure

    Have you tried out our new 1.14 Survival server yet? It just launched and features everything you are familar with... but with a few new additions! We have upgraded our land claim system so it is much easier to expand your survival world and form your empire. The new 1.14 Server is themed with...
  2. DrAquatica

    Various Commands for Donors or Members.

    So I briefly wanted to create this thread as a brainstorming platform for what people think. Should there be more commands added for Donors, Members, or even guests? If so what are there function and why should they be added? Id like to hear some of your guys' opinions please feel free to reply...
  3. moobitmedia

    MC-Ages: Ep1 - Welcome to Everwinter!

    Episode 1 of my weekly (Monday's) Youtube series on the MC-Ages server is now live! :D I'm BACK! New server! New Series! :D Welcome to the "Hermitcraft-like" MC Ages Server, and the village of Everwinter! As a complete server play n00b, this series is going to be a good giggle for you lot -...