1. C

    Staff Hunger games project!

    Hi! I would like to a do a staff project where all the staff members of MC-Ages are playing the hunger games, the issue is I have no staff heads! If you'd like to participate in the project and your a staff member please put your head in my inventory. (IGN: ClickB8t) I hope to see all your...
  2. Walkeruno

    How to Apply for Staff

    We get a number of players who kindly offer to be staff for the server. This is fantastic as we are always looking for the right players to join our staff team. We do not advertise vacancies for staff roles. Instead, we are always open for the right people to join our team. To apply for a staff...
  3. valxntine


    Dunno why, but the other thread got locked from new posts. Listen, it's been a few days, nothing has happened. We need our Noxy back, she should come back and let her ideas run wild, or whatever it takes. This server needs her. Do whatever it takes to get her back, and listen to her. She listens...
  4. Zacky101

    My Concerns.

    Dear HCSurvival staff and community, it has come to my attention that this community is lacking something very important. But first, let me point out I do enjoy the server however you're beginning to lose me. I've been playing roughly two weeks now and I've noticed that your community is growing...