Australia Wildfire Fundraiser, Factory Items, Admin Auction, Nether/End Reset


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Apr 6, 2017

G'day mates! I wish I was quoting our friends from down under on a lighter note, but I'm sure you've seen the news recently :(


Whilst I don't like to affiliate the server with current events, as it can be rather disheartening and affect the escapism that Minecraft provides, our community is growing and therefore we have a real opportunity to make an impact outside of Minecraft.

"Lives, homes, and up to one billion animals have been affected, including 30% of the entire koala population in mid-north coast of New South Wales. These catastrophic megafires are worsening the extinction crisis we’re already facing."

We will be hosting a Fundraiser for the Australia Wildfires. Exclusive Miniature Pets (never available before and will never be available again) as well as Exclusive Tags make up the new Fundraiser Crate Key. Duplicate prizes are on and are given as vouchers so that you can stock up and trade them once the fundraiser ends on February 1.

100% of revenue from the Fundraiser Crate Key will be donated and MC-Ages will cover all associated fees. Purchases do not count as donations and are not tax deductible. The donation will be made in the UK directly to the WWF - Australia Bushfires appeal.

Note: Miniatures cannot be spawned in spawn.


We are testing the waters with new custom Factory Items that contain custom effects. Our first batch are now available in the in-game shop:

We will continue to add new items as long as they prove popular and do not have any adverse effects on the server. We have lots lined up ready to be added. We hope you enjoy them :)


An Admin Auction will take place on Saturday, January 25th at 9PM UK / 4PM NYC, USA. It will contain exclusive items including new Factory Items, Player Warps, an Ender Dragon Pet ;), tags and more. Start saving!


The Nether and End will be reset on Friday, January 17th at 8PM UK / 3PM NYC, USA.
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