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Automatic Cobble Gen Tutorial (no redstone work needed)(Skyblock)

Jul 29, 2017

-Things you will need before starting-
- Piston x1
- Sticky Piston x1
- Observer x2
- Lava x1
- Water x1
Total cost - 114

* assuming you have starting gear *

Step 1
Start by building your cobble generator.
* make sure you leave 13 spaces for production in front of the cobblestone *

Step 2
Place a piston facing towards where you want the cobble to get pushed.
Place an observer facing down, where the cobblestone will form.
Step 3
Place your sticky piston on top of the observer facing the opposite from the one below
Next place any block on the sticky side of the piston, then use it to place your last observer facing up, signal down.
Remove the block between the sticky piston and observer and your almost done, just replace the lava and watch out!

Leave a comment if this tutorial was helpful, i may make more in the future.
If you need any help message me on the server.
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