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Building 101 w/ Magna - Greenery/Vegetation


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May 12, 2017
So you have this amazingly beautiful build, the Walls of your house are this rustic theme, you have a church style roof, and this big glass dome to the side. But your house needs a little something more. Today's guide will focus on Greenery and Vegetation, such as trees, vines, and even flowers.

Trees are the more complicated one, which is why its first. Don't grow a tree with a sapling, as it will give you a boring vanilla tree (unless your into that kinda stuff). Your going to need a lot of 1 color of wood. And a variety of leaves. Start with roots, making them embedded into the ground and coming up to form a base. Make sure the base is fairly wide. Then build up on the sides of the base about 3-4 blocks, and 5-6 blocks in the center. Once you've done that, make branches in various directions, at various lengths. Then add leaves at random on the branches. Once you have done that, fill in the rest of the space for the leaves. Some different styles include a dead tree, which is acacia wood with no leaves, a Japanese maple, which is birch wood with pink wool and glass, and the classic, which is dark oak with oak and birch leaves.

Wall Vegetation:
Wall vegetation is less complicated. Your going to need leaves and vines. If your wall has stone bricks, use mossy stone bricks as well (vines and stone bricks). When your making the vegetation, try to make it look natural by placing it randomly, but still connect. Don't over do it, by covering your whole wall in leaves. With the vines, add a few accents here and there, but make it suttle. If your using stone bricks, replace a few with mossy stone bricks, to add that little bit of detail.

Ground Vegetation:
Lets say you want a garden. If you want a natural like garden, then go at it with bone meal. If you want it uniform, then break a few flowers and place them in a more uniform fashion. If you don't like flowers, then break them. If you want a wasteland theme, then no flowers and tall grass is great for you. Whatever you do however, do not add ferns, as they look like puny pine trees that will never grow.
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