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Jul 26, 2018
My name is Gryffindor_Gamer or Gryff for short and I am the founder of DragonCity! We are a tribe that supports teamwork and equality, as cheesy as that sounds. When something needs to be done, everyone helps so that we can get it done as fast as possible. Everyone in town is very friendly and willing to help eachother as best they can.

We have a town called Dragon City and we sell plots of different sizes. Our 25x25 plots are 8k, out 30x30 plots are 10k, and out 50x50 plots are 15k. We also own a large community farm. We have the pleasure to have Big M's Bar in our town, as well as Gryff's Grub.

Our Staff:
Mayor- Gryffindor_Gamer
CoMayor- MrCulotten
Admin- m_and_m

Our Info (As of Sunday, August 5, 2018):
Level- 11
Kills- 6
Deaths- 41
Assists- 0
Fights Won- 0
Fights Lost- 0
Leader- Gryffindor_Gamer
Members- _DarkFreak_, brand0gamer, efiduk1, Gryffindor_Gamer, m_and_m, MrCulotten, R0seyBear, xZom
Bank Account- $66300
Allied Tribe(s): Holy Shield

We hope to see you join us too! Please feel free to message Gryffindor_Gamer, m_and_m, or MrCulotten if you are interested, or mail us if we are offline.

Have a nice day!
Gryff Out~