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Sep 3, 2018
Welcome to Edenshire. This is a medieval styled community that focuses on detail and pride ourselves with keeping a consistent building aesthetic and style. With multiple other active players we make sure to try and make the town a friendly helpful place.

If you are considering joining Edenshire here are a few basic rules:
1. Builds are kept to select builders to keep the town aesthetic
2. You will get a pre made house but can add a basement as long as it remains within your plot.
3. Griefing is prohibited and any members proven guilty will be banished.
4. Be nice. We try to keep a friendly atmosphere at Edenshire.

So you want to join?
Great! just get in touch with IneptWeezel or Arabian1844 and we will get you started. There are no requirements for joining and we love new players.

Do you want a job in Edenshire?
Currently we are still looking for:
- Sheep Farmer
- Pig Farmer
- Chicken Farmer
- Innkeeper
- Llama farmer

Want to sell items in Edenshire?
We have market stalls for rent for 500$ a month get in touch with Arabian1844 or IneptWeezel to rent a stall.
*don't need to be a town member to join*

If you would like to fill one of these roles just let Arabian1844 or IneptWeezel know when you join.

Want to be a builder for Edenshire?
To get accepted as a builder we need to see a build, by you, that matches our theme. That can either be with pictures or doing a small build in Edenshire.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to mail either Arabian1844 or IneptWeezel in game or post on here.


Familia of Zairi
Oct 3, 2017
Hello. Is this town still active by any chance? I know most of the OG players have quit along with myself but I have returned this past week.