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Emerald Coast

Sep 4, 2018
name: Madmango2409
group name: nautists
location/ comunity name: emerald coast

description: a thriving town on the coast with a soon to be an abundance of shops and other services. very receptive to new players :)

we are a community with very close nit trading and cooperation, to join us drop a msg to either myself (madmango2409) or chubbs135790 and manofthemines. we want to expand our town and would love any new members to enjoy the fun with :)

if you take from the community give back to it. we have a community centre that members are more than welcome to take from but do make sure you give back to the community.

be considerate of each other's land claims and builds, if someone asks you not to build so close to their builds (even if the land is unclaimed) please respect that

other than basic rules u are free to express yourself however u want. here is the discord for our town :) https://discord.gg/PVk7EyF
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