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Empire of The-Chung

Dec 28, 2018
We are a very active town with few members at the moment but we have big plans of expansion for the future.

A few rules-
1. Must be active/member rank at least to join
2. No swearing in guild chat
3. Biggest Rule of all HAVE FUN!

Frequently asked questions

Q. must i live within the guild town?
A. No just make a cool house here if you would like to, if already have a base somewhere else.

About our market-

Market is still in progress will be open plus we have a spot in the mall come check it out

If you wish to join either mail me or reply below. We are still growing and look forward to building with all of you!

You do not have to live here to be a part of the town just simply have a cool build/house in your plot and be active from time to time in town projects.

donate whatever you would like to the town chest
Thx for stopping by!:)
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