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Guild Rework & Suggestions


Familia of Zairi
Oct 3, 2017
This is my list of personal suggestions that I think should be implemented to guilds.

I think their should be a rework done for guilds because in my opinion they seem pretty bland and could be greatly improved. This post will go over what should be reworked/added. A new leveling system, more user friendly commands, separation of guilds and alliances, guild banking, alliance specifications. Note: This does not go into much detail so if anything doesn't make sense, don't be afraid to ask me and I will try to clarify. also, please feel free to leave critique and reply with additional suggestions or things you think I should change below.

Leveling System
First off, I feel like the grind for level 2 is too much and brings no benefit. A rework of the leveling system should be implemented of some variation shown below:

- Level 10 should be max level.
- Better incremental costs and bonuses/features per level.
- Creates a project for players to level and improve their guilds

- Level Costs:
  • Level 1: 10,000 | Perks: 1 Guild Home, 10 Member Slots, Guild Bank
  • Level 2: 25,000 | Perks: 15 Members Slots (+5)
  • Level 3: 50,000 | Perks: 20 Member Slots (+5)
  • Level 4: 80,000 | Perks: 30 Member Slots (+10)
  • Level 5: 135,000 | Perks: 40 Member Slots (+10), Access to set a guild MOTD (Message of the Day. This will show up whenever a guild member logs onto the server.)
  • Level 6: 200,000 | Perks: 2 Guild Homes: (+), 50 Member Slots (+10)
  • Level 7: 350,000 | Perks: 75 Member Slots (+25)
  • Level 8: 600,000 | Perks: 100 Member Slots (+25)
  • Level 9: 1,350,000 | Perks: 150 Member Slots (+50)
  • Level 10: 2,200,000 | Perks: 1 Guild /warp (guildname), 3 Guild Homes (+1), Custom Displayable Guild Tag (Ex. <Blaze> Zairi #GuildName).
- Total Cost: 4,000,000 Coins
- Total Perks - 1 Guild Warp, 3 Guild Homes, 200 Member Cap, Custom Guild Tag, Guild Bank, Guild MOTD.

The alliance feature could be really cool and should include some features similar to guilds. These changes will change the fundamentals of how alliance works and will become more oriented on a group of guilds rather than an individual guild.

- Alliances can set a name.
- Alliance UI should be separate from guilds.
- Custom commands like: /alliance (should show info about the date and time of when the alliance was created, a list of all member guilds in the alliances including their guild levels, alliance bank amount, alliance MOTD and a list of all players in the alliance).
- Special rank structure within alliance. Leader, Co-Leader, Officer, Ambassador, Member.


Guild/Alliance specific balances should be added to /baltop. There are 2 ways this addition could be implemented.

Option 1: Independent /gbaltop
- A guilds/alliances balance is determined by all of the members balances in the guild combined.
- To prevent these guilds/alliances from flooding the top spots on /baltop, an independent leader board using /gbaltop.
- This method is safer as it removes the possibility of any guild/alliances owners of withdrawing the money and stealing the money for themselves.

Option 2: Combined /baltop
- Guilds/Alliances have their own balances that players can deposit coins into.
- This balance will also be used to level up the guild.
- Members can /gdeposit (amount), guild/alliances owners can use /gwithdraw (amount) to take money out of the total balance.


the Herald
-= Phantom =-
Nov 24, 2018
this sounds perfect, I really hope a proper guild plugin is added for the 1.14 server


Best Helper
-= Phantom =-
Dec 21, 2018
Thanks for the suggestion! We're actually working on improving guilds so this helps us massively :) Cheers!