How to Make an Introduction


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Aug 1, 2017
We have put together this guide to give players an idea about how they can put together their own introductions. Introductions are great for letting the community know a little bit more about you and it gives them a chance to say hello. :)

It is important to remember when you make your introduction that you want to avoid giving away important personal details. If we see posts with any of the following information you may find that an admin will edit your post to remove these. This is to keep our players safe.

Sometimes when it comes to talking about ourselves we often get stuck. Here are some things you may want to include in your post if you are running low on ideas:

Your main hobbies (music, sports, art etc.)
When you joined MC-Ages
Your favorite part of Minecraft
Favorite TV shows
How long have you played Minecraft for?

The information we would advise against including is:

X Full Name - in game names are fine and what we would encourage our players to use. However if you want to include a first name or nickname then this is okay.

X Address - it might be a nice idea to only use your country to give players an idea of where you are from or even just the time zone. This can give players a good idea when they might be likely to catch you online - always handy to know if they are trying to expand their tribe.

X Personal Contact Details - this could include a personal email address, phone number, certain social medias (such as a private facebook account) or private skype accounts. Any accounts that are shared which only include in game names so is clearly for gaming contacts is accepted. However we would strongly recommend using our Discord channel to communicate with other players. You can find out more about Discord here.

When you have made up your mind about what to put, click this link to get back to the Introduction forum and click "Post New Thread".
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Mar 27, 2018
Wish i'd included some of this stuff on my introduction :) if you want to make yourself stand out as a new member, try not to stick to the basic "hi im ______" talk about yourself a little bit, its easier to make friends that way!