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How To Make Money On Industrial


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Jun 28, 2017
Selling items is a great way to make money in the server, the money gained can be used to purchase more valuable items from other players, and to hire labour. This guide will instruct you on how to sell items and other ways of making some in game cash!

Sell Shop
Only just started? not a single coin to your name, dont worry! the sell shops got you covered, the easiest fastest way to make money,
simply do /shop to open this GUI

Then Click on the sugarcane icon to open the sell shop
Every item you can sell now appears with how much they sell for, if you rightclick the item you want to sell, another GUI will appear this allows you to decide how much of it you want to sell. If thats a bit too time consuming, you can also do /sell Hand which will sell everything you hold in your hand, or you can do /sell all and it will take every one of these items that are in your inventory and automatically sell them

The Auction House
To access the auction house do /ah this will take you to a GUI where you can buy items being sold by other players, view what items you are selling, to list an item hold it in your hand and do /ah sell ammount

The Mall
The Mall is an excellent place to make some money, as it is frequently visited by other players through the use of /warp Mall. If you are looking at starting your bussiness there you will need some pre existing cash as Mall space has to be rented, prices vary depending on where the plot is located and how big of a plot it is. Mall plots are rented for one week however, you can pay your rent ahead of time, for example, you can pay 10k coins a week, or you can pay 40k coins and have it for four weeks, etc etc. To buy a mall plot you simply find a vacant plot, the status of the plot can be seen on the signs that are just to the right or left of the plot, an available plot will give you the price per week to rent, where as an already occupied plot will tell you the owner and when their rent expires.

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To begin rental rightclick the sign and follow the instructions that will appear in chat. when the mall plot is obtained, you can being your Financial Empire!

Shop Chests
The Shop chest is the primary tool for selling items to players for a price you desire, to get started simply place down the chest, and with the item you want to sell in your hand, left click on the chest once, then type how much you want to sell it for in chat. The shop can be deleted just by breaking the chest. If selling isnt for you and instead you want to increase your assets then we have the thing just for you, simply create a sell shop chest with the price you want to buy that particular item, then look at the sign with your target in the centre of your screen and type /qs buy then boom you are now buying that particular item!

Player Warps
Many Players who have a Player Warp often open up their own malls there and allow players to also set up shop, to get one you will need to speak to the warp owner

Admin Shop
The Admin shop is located a /spawn The Adminshop regulary changes it stocks, assisting in the sustainability of the economy it can buy a wide range of items from the players, for a wide spectrum of prices, to simply get there do /warp adminshop

I Hope This Guide Helps All of You Budding Millionaires to achieve your success! Now Get Out There and Make Some Money
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May 8, 2019
You're a cool dude :)
Most people also need to know the value of gold, and also how easy gold is to farm! A great place to farm gold is /warp ryxnie where the pigmen farm will make you rich if you have a looting 3 sword.
Edit: Fixed spelling of ryxnie :)
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