Introducing Hardcore rank, new scrolls and tribe updates


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Apr 6, 2017
Greetings everyone! It is our one week anniversary, how amazing :p I want to thank you all for coming together to form what is already an amazing community. Today's update is aimed at our community, as we present you with a new challenge on HCSurvival; the Hardcore rank.

This rank is different to the Member rank because it requires completing in-game tasks before receiving it. It has very steep requirements, but it is very prestigious and comes with awesome perks:
  • Purple in-game, forum and discord rank to show other players your efforts
  • Access to /hcshop - an in-game shop with exclusive content to buy in game (Exclusive to Hardcore rank)
  • Access to the Lion miniature pet (Exclusive to Hardcore rank)
  • Ability to set a playerwarp in-game (Exclusive to Hardcore rank)
  • Access to #Hardcore, #Lion, #Master and #Prestigious tags (Exclusive to Hardcore rank)
  • #Hardcore Forum medal (Exclusive to Hardcore rank)
The requirements:
  • Level 1000 in 5 areas of McMMO and at least level 100 in the rest - you pick which areas you want to level up the most.
  • Own a shop at /warp market - must have at least 5 player chest shops that are stocked
  • Must be a member of a tribe with a level of at least 15 (rank within the tribe doesn't matter)
  • Cost of 1 million coins
  • 20 completed quests
  • Clean punishment history for 2-weeks prior to application
For more information on the new Hardcore rank, and to apply for it, click here.

We have also released new scrolls in the recent days. Scrolls are physical items that are purchased from the store, giving you permanent lifetime access to a specific perk. We currently offer the following scrolls:
I have also completely rewritten the tribe language files as well as created an entirely new tribes menu from scratch. It should be much easier to understand and explain tribes much clearer.

Do you like the Lion miniature pet? Want a Pug, Turtle, Panda, Duck, Boxer, Frog or MP-8 Miniature? Click here to browse our range of miniatures.

Cheers everyone.
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May 12, 2017
Sheesh. Sounds like a lot of work. Probably won't work for it, but GL to everyone who does


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May 12, 2017
Null Sector Z
Hype for Hardcore rank, but I'm pretty sure only ixSlay_, SebastianCrafter, and NovaGhoul are the only people who have a chance to get it :L