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Introduction ^^


Assistant to the Age Developer
*+* Immortal *+*
Aug 8, 2019
South Carolina, USA
I've been around for a good few months now, but I've somehow not made a post to say hi >.>

Hey, I'm oscarskyarmy! I prefer to go by Lila though (tl;dr my brother gave me his old account, but he doesn't remember the security questions and the email is long dead). Minecraft has been my go-to game since about 2013 or 2014, as I started out playing with my older brother (that and the various LEGO games xD). Now, it's my way of relaxing and meeting all different kinds of people.

MC Ages is probably the best SMP server I've ever played, and I love the friends I've made here. Contact me here, in-game, or via discord if you ever need anything!
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