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Khazad Eron Braga'Kyth

Jun 28, 2017
Greetings, i am Bragrock Son of Brarock of the Clan of Razik, also know as The Crazy Chef! I am the King of Braga'Kyth aided by my Lord Commander ChirstopherRat or CJ for short. We are opening our gates to the world, hopeing for many more Dwarves to join with us

Braga'Kyth is our vast city built under a Mountain and its surrounding landscapes, tall sweeping corridoors and huge Halls await, we have a Mall and houseing plots for you to build your own little caverns, come have a drink with us in our Tavern or place a few bets on the Mob Fight Club. Explore our vast tunnel networks and gorge on the hundreds of Mushrooms we grow in our tunnels. Battle Goblins and casually offend Elves

Below is detailed sections on various things you need to know if you want to live with us.

How do i Join?
For starters you will not be permitted to even enter the premises if you are the following:
Elf (High society pompous fools)
Orc (we dont fancy haveing our tunnels stunk out with necrotic flesh
Goblin (our children do like to sleep at night)
Pixie (last time we had them come in we were cleaning up their mess for weeks on end.. ive still never got rid of all their sneezing powder traps)

Dwarves, Humans, gnomes and Halflings are all welcome

if you are the right race, then thats a great start, next you need to be able to use the Mole Messageing Network known as Discord, to get the link to our discord page, message myself or ChristianRat in game
You will recieve the link and an invite to the Guild
Following that either myself or CJ will allocate you to your plot, all properties are 15x15 and allow you to decorate it how you want and dig down to your hearts content. All residents get their own 10x10 market plot at the cost of 100 coins a week tax to help fund expansion of the city

How can i get involved with building?
On Discord me and CJ will put out requests for help with builds, if we see your good enough and have a keen eye, you could be enlisted as one of our High Builders, earning you a spot on the Council of Dwarves, meaning you can be a critical part of the future of the city

Whats the Law?
Pay the Tax
Respect fellow Members and their homes
Do not steal from fellow members
Do not vandalise our home, its yours too

What Facilities Will there be?
We have or will have the following
Mob FightClub
Mushroom Farms
Mob Farm
Tunnel Network connecting to other cities
Insurance Office
Community Storage
Nether Portal
Leisure Centre
Mini Games Hall
Banquet Hall
Throne Room
Council Chambers
and much more

Property Details
After being allocated your plot, we request a few things, you do not interfere with the outside of the plot unless it fits the building theme of the area you are in (for example if you want pink walls, keep it in the home) Digging up is not permitted but digging down is fine... thats all, its your home do whatever else you want

Mall Details
Non residents must pay 1k a week, if payment isnt followed through your shop will be closed off, you will be requested to retrieve stock and then your plot will be rented to someone else, refuseal to remove chests will result in your trust status in the claim being terminated and the plot walled off until an admin or moderator can resolve the issue, at no point will we refuse you accesds to your items. Residents recieve a free plot and is free for as long as they are living in the city. Guild members who are not residents pay only half the rental value. No guidlines will be given for building except from digging up being prohibited, digging down is fine. We may ask that you alter the odd block, in the event it accidently mucks something up, this is rare however.

Perks and Rewards of being a resident or Guild Member
Houseing Plot
Reduced Rate for Market Plot or free for residents
Gifts, often elytra, enchanted diamond tools or other high value items
Shared loot (when i mine, i will often give each member a few diamonds etc)
Strong Friendships
Access to the Dwarves Discord, that is host to many active members who are friendly, playing a range of games, so feel free to dive in and play other games with them

My Friends an Elf.... what do i do?
Terminate all communicaiton.... youll thank us for it... seriously...

Brief History of Raziks Clan:

Razik was brother of Durin IV and was there when the Balrog in Khazad Dum was released, Razik had many decendents, who lived in the Iron Hills of Arda, the family tree reconnects with the clan of Durin with one of Thorin Oakenshields relatives. Raziks clan had always been on the move throughout the Iron Hills, untill Brarock settled down and founded them a new home, when that home fell to Orcs as well as Brarock himself, Bragrock travelled far to create a new safe haven home which he named Braga'Kyth meaning The White Hawk.

There is a full lore and series of fictional storries written by me for DND campaigns if anyone is interested :D includeing a full fammily tree includeing Durins folks lineage and portraits... i seriously go in deph with lore and stuff like that :D hope you enjoyed the add
Jun 28, 2017
First Drop Party Announcement:eek:
1 full player vault full of stuff, some meh, some good, lots AWESOME!!!

Will Be hosted at the Dwarven Mall, to get there ask for tp's
Date: 17/11/2018
Time: 11:30 GMT

Enchanted Books
Bottle of Enchanting
Diamond BlocksDiamond Horse Armour
Shulker Box

and much More up for grabs
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-= Phantom =-
Aug 19, 2017
Lol nice roleplay town, but surely you should have a town hub with chests shared with the town members to enable spare res to be shared ?

Got several chests shared to help new players :)