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Machine Play Rank, October Free Gift, September Winners


Apr 6, 2017

October is here... my favorite month of the year :eek: Muahahaa time to announce some treats! In today's post...
  1. 'Machine' Play Rank
  2. October Free Gift
  3. September Top Voters & Build Winner
'Machine' Play Rank
Similar to the Hardcore rank from the old Survival, the Machine rank is now available for the true Machines of the server...! The requirements are very steep. This is an upgrade from Member which comes with a very exclusive prefix, your own server warp and more! See the full details here.

October Free Gift
The October Free Gift is available now! Head on a mining adventure with the Mining Clue Scroll, and level up your chatting with a #Treat Tag! See the full details here.

September Top Voters & Build Winner
Thank you once again to all our voters! You help us be seen on server lists to new players and help us grow as a community. The Top Voters for September are as follows:
  1. drikke ($25 Store Coupon)
  2. Sabian187/wattlegum ($10 Store Coupon each)
  3. appisx ($5 Store Coupon)
Congratulations! Contact an Admin+ to receive your coupons.

The September Build winner is appisx who has been upgraded to Blaze rank! Congratulations and well done for such a cool looking build!