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New Hub, August Top Voters, Referrals Contest, September Build Competition


Apr 6, 2017

September... already??!! Just yesterday I was chilling by the beach.. turtles by my side... now I've got phantoms and skeletons after me and it's almost Halloween! In today's post...
  1. New Hub
  2. August Top Voters
  3. Referrals Competition
  4. September Build Competition
New Hub
We have a new hub build and I have also redesigned most of the hub, with the aim of making the whole feel of the network to be much more friendly and tight-knit! What do you think? You may have to relog once if you are seeing sky!

August Top Voters
Thanks to everyone that voted for the server in August! It was a record-breaking month for votes. Rewards have been bumped slightly due to some rewards not being available on new Survival.
  1. drikke $25 Store Coupon
  2. Ribby $10 Store Coupon
  3. Mountaingirl19 $5 Store Coupon
Referrals Competition
Thanks to everyone that continues to invite their friends to MC-Ages and help us flourish. The recent Referrals contest is all wrapped up, with the following prizes:
  1. DR Pepper (Discord) - $7.50
  2. coke (Discord) - $22.50
September Build Competition
The first build competition is out now on the new Survival! You have the whole of September to complete this build. The theme of the build is 'Labor' which ties in with Labor Day in the USA and the Industrial theme of the server. The build can be anything related to this word. Be creative! The winner will receive a rank upgrade or a coupon for $30 (if Phantom rank). For more details and to enter, head to https://mc-ages.com/threads/september-build-contest-entries.2239/