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Old Survival closure


Community Pacifist
Apr 6, 2017
Afternoon everyone,

This is an announcement regarding Old Survival. If you are a new player, you do not need to do anything. First of all, I know I said that the two servers would co-exist until we can't host them both anymore. However, we were having lots of server crashes trying to support multiple MC versions, and these crashes were resolved by making the network 1.13 only. This obviously prevented access to old Survival, which was running 1.12. While it wasn't intended to close it so early, adoption of the new Survival was almost 100%.

With that being said, if you had a large build on the Old Survival that you would like to keep, we will providing schematics. To use the schematic, you need to install WorldEdit on single player (version 1.12.2, to match the Survival version - 1.13 may work too). You can also paste the schematic on a multiplayer server if you have one. This tutorial explains how: https://thebreakdown.xyz/how-to-download-install-world-edit-in-minecraft-single-player/

To request a schematic, fill in the form below: https://goo.gl/forms/9X7V9RhcjQONejkn2 You will receive it within 2~ weeks (I have to do this manually).

**Old Survival Purchases** All Old Survival purchases will begin to be processed soon and transferred in the form of the same $ amount to the new Survival. More info to follow.