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Our summer plans, what's next and Easter Sale


Apr 6, 2017
Hey everyone, been a while since we've had a lil chat!

The server has continued to flourish over the past few months which I'm really proud of!

For those who don't know, I'm also a uni student in my other life which means I don't always have the time to be working on the server. Building also owns several businesses of his own, so he can't always be around to pick up the slack.

A lot of the core features on Industrial are hard-coded into the server (Communities, Building Contracts, etc.) which require me to edit the code in order to update.

Obviously, this isn't ideal and paired with how busy I am this can lead to them being out of date.

Now, moving forward I want to automate as many features on the server as possible, so we can take a step back and focus on bigger updates to further improve MC-Ages.

This brings me onto my next point, 1.14...

We are planning to launch a new Age for 1.14, the Alien Age.

1. Communities will be automated as you will be able to rent out a slot in the Communities NPC at spawn.

2. A new economy with lots of ways to make money. There'll be Daily Clue Scrolls, Multiple Quest characters to complete tasks for, and the Server Shop will change each month with new items and prices to fit the economy at that time.

There will also be more ways to spend money! Tags will be available for in-game cash along with other items :)

The Auction House will be removed in favour of a new Markets system. There will be multiple markets to explore, such as the 'Tools & Armour District' to get all the gear you need. As the market will be split up it should also be less laggy than the current mall.

3. Guilds will be replaced with a new Colony system, which will be similar, but we are hoping to add much more functionality to it (this is a work in progress right now!)

What will happen to Industrial? Nothing. It will stay as is and will be accessible from Minecraft 1.13. As long as it is still played it will be kept on the network.

That is all I can reveal about the Alien Age right now, it has been in active development for a few months and we will continue to work on it.

We do listen to all your feedback and suggestions, but it can hard to make big changes on an active server with lots of moving parts. That is why we are trying to perfect Alien so that it can run well without needing such big changes.

Have a lovely Easter everybody!



-= Phantom =-
Aug 19, 2017
From what I can gather, it will be a new map on the server, but have you considered linking it with the current map to allow transfer of resources ?

If it is going to be start from scratch, will the server stuff like land claim be for either map, currently got several thousand land claims, not need to use it currently and so banking it
Oct 27, 2018
For me, the loss of the ./ah is a good thing. The whole point of multiplayer games is the multi part and anything which allows someone to utterly ignore the rest of the players and permits them to isolate themselves detracts from the point of the experience. The best multiplayer games I ever played were the ones where interaction was necessary at the most basic level of the game. The more interactions, the more the game felt distinctly different to a single player experience.

Star Wars Galaxies, despite all its faults, was a masterpiece of social engineering. If you want to level up a skill you had two choices, pay a ton of cash to an NPC or speak to a player that already knew that skill and have them train you for free. If you wanted to buy anything, it was made by a player. If you wanted to sell anything, it was to another player. Even some of the most advanced items required sub-components from different crafting professions. Even if you had no interest in crafting and just wanted to run quests and fight, then you needed to visit social hubs where you'd find players trained in medical skills to heal wounds from combat that reduced your overall health and then you'd have to head to the cantina to watch entertainers to 'heal' stress wounds to your stats.

Everyone needed everyone else and it created a sense of community I have never experienced in any game before or since because developers are too afraid to try something different to the majority of MMOs. Folks actually became known locally for whatever they did and if you were especially good at it then you'd find people travel long distances from the furthest areas of the server to ask for your products or assistance. For the longest time on Ahazi, I was the only Bio-Engineer (a progression that made pets) and I honestly can honestly remember a time when every Bio-Engineer on that server was a pupil of mine due to the fact that they had no choice to avoid paying the extortionate NPC training fees other than come to me and they'd often contact me asking for advice about pet crafting and I know that many other dedicated crafters typically knew each other for the same reason.