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stoneblock ?


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Aug 19, 2017
Not impressed so far, the map is literally stone with a trace of other elements seeded, must have mined a chest or two worth of stone to find 10 iron, less than 10 coal and a few redstone.

A sprouting tree trapped and killed the cow called moo, so now have a cow egg that is pointless using as can't breed it

tried the tier2 key and won £25k, yet the wallet only got just under £6k :(

went for tier 3 and got three skill books that needed me to have advanced skills that are not present in regular mc, so no real idea how to get them, did not spot an enchantment table at spawn and need cows to make the leather to make the books....

someone asked about the books, so used [item] and then found am unable to repeat the same word for 2 mins

having to mine cobble to buy iron to use for tools and coal for furnaces

no real fun in this "map"
since there are no caves, everything has to be cut by hand, quite a lot of opportunities missed


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Aug 26, 2018
Not having caves is essentially what stoneblock is and entails.
You can pretty much do whatever you want and there is an /enchanter(or /warp enchanter) at spawn.
It shouldn't be that hard to get money once you do /quests so you can buy ores from the /shop that way if you don't have enough.