The Ultimate McMMO Levelling Guide.


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Mar 27, 2018
Hopefully this guide will teach you the fastest methods to level up each of your McMMO skills in order to receive higher ranks, or just to rank higher in the leaderboards :)

Lets start with the basic commands:

/mcmmo - Guidance for all commands
/mcstats - View your current skill levels / xp
/mctop - View the McMMO Power Level leaderboard
/mcrank - View your current McMMO rankings


For this skill I would recommend either destroying large amounts of sand in a desert or clearing dirt in any available biome. Enchanted diamond shovel is advised.

Fishing is as simple as it seems, post up at some water or an ocean and start fishing. Please note raining increases fishing catch rate by 60%. The best fishing rod for training is Luck of the sea III Lure III & Unbreaking III.

Herbalism is best trained using sugarcane farms. In terms of efficiency here's a diagram of the best layouts to use for your farm:
mcMMO Levels

Different ores + blocks give different amounts of xp when mining, here is a list of ores and blocks and the xp they give from being mined:

Emerald Ore - 1000xp
Diamond Ore - 750xp
Lapis Ore - 400xp
Gold Ore - 350xp
Iron Ore - 250xp
Purpur - 200xp
Obsidian - 150xp
End Stone - 150xp
Redstone Ore - 150xp
Quartz Ore - 100xp
Red Sandstone - 100xp
Coal Ore - 100xp
Prismarine - 70xp
Stained Clay - 50xp
Packed Ice - 50xp
Stone - 30xp
Sandstone - 30xp
Netherrack - 30xp
Mossy Cobblestone - 30xp
Hard Clay - 30xp

Giant mushrooms are the best xp for woodcutting, as they destroy extremely quickly with an axe and give the same xp as normal logs. Using bone meal on mushrooms allows you to farm levels quite quickly.

Pillaring 4 blocks up in the nether and sniping zombie pigmen is a quick way to level archery, be careful though! Note: Shooting endermen with arrows wont work as they are able to teleport away before it hits them.

Axes are self explanatory really, kill mobs / monsters using axes to gain xp. Hitting a mob whilst falling gives you a chance to land an extra damage axe attack.

Same as axes, farms can be used for both to speed up xp rates. Mobs wearing gold / leather armour give extra xp over standard hostile mobs so its always worth to kill them if you spot them.

XP can only be gained by taming horses, wolves & ocelots. After taming wolves, the taming xp you receive is scaled by the amount of damage each of your wolves deal when they attack something. 10xp is rewarded for each half a heart of damage your wolf does when attacking.

Unarmed xp is given by hitting mobs with your fists, I feel it can be best trained at mob farms where one punch will kill. Once again mobs with leather and gold armour give more xp so look out for them in the wild.

Acrobatics xp is awarded for taking fall damage, each half heart gives 120xp. Equipping feather falling boots doubles xp gains by two, regardless of the enchantment level.

Salvage is typically a child skill of both fishing and repair, but since repair is disabled on hcsurvival, your salvage level is always equal to your fishing, at 350 salvage you gain the ability to salvage damaged items, happy fishing!

Thanks for reading my guide, if you need any more help or advice or feel like I got something wrong please feel free to message me :)


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