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Unhappy with Punishment or Staff

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Feb 21, 2019
What to do if I do not believe my punishment was fair, correct or handled professionally?
  • Take a moment to calm down. It is frustrating if you get a punishment that you don't agree with, but the last thing you want to do is lash out which will result in you getting another punishment.

  • If you log back in you will get a message to tell you why you have been banned. If you are unsure about the reason, please check our rules page. This will explain all of the rules, even the one you might have broken.

  • If you have received a mute try to look through your logs and make sure you haven't said anything that might have broken the rules. Evading mute means using signs, tribe chat, /msg and even /mail send, etc.

  • The punishment may not be for something you have only just done. A staff member might be working through the player reports, so this could be a punishment for a rule you broke earlier.

  • If you are really unsure about the rule you broke, make an appeal. Fill out the template as best as you can, but ask for additional information. Remember: if you are not sure why you are banned, there is no need to say a staff member is wrong! At this point you need the extra information before you can make a judgement if you genuinely don't know why you were punished - it might be something you have simply forgotten. If you aren't sure about when the incident occurred, ask in your appeal or check your logs.

  • Once you understand the reason you were punished you need to weigh up whether this was true or not. This is not a time to say the punishment was too extreme or handled badly. This is about deciding "yes I did do that" or "no, this must be some sort of mistake". Please be honest. Honesty is always the best policy and we understand that players sometimes make mistakes.

  • If you agree that you did break the discussed rules and that the punishment was handed out correctly, then just make an appeal. You have the chance to own up to your mistake and ask for a second chance. Providing you are honest, show your understanding of the rules for the future and apologize for your actions, your appeal will most likely be approved. Please do not panic if you have made a mistake, we are all human.

  • If you agree that you did break the rules but the punishment is too much or wasn't handled correctly then you need to make an appeal. In your appeal you should own up to your part in the incident. Accept that you broke the rules, show your understanding of the rules for future reference and apologize for your part. Then you need to clearly explain why you think the punishment wasn't right and what you think this could have been instead.

  • If you do not believe you broke the rule then please make an appeal.

  • Explain clearly and respectfully that you do not feel you broke the rule that the staff member has accused you of. Ask that another staff member reviews the evidence provided.
Unhappy with a certain staff members conduct?
  • Know the full story! If you do not know the full story really think twice about commenting. A lot goes on that you may not be aware of or is behind the scenes.

  • Get all of your facts together. Speaking out of anger will not get you very far and may just prolong the issue. We need the context and evidence of the event.

  • Once this has been done, make a report. That staff member will not be allowed to respond but they can see it. This allows a staff member to send any evidence they have about the incident quickly and efficiently - meaning you have to wait less time for a response.

  • If you think a staff member acted unprofessionally or was abusing their powers, please make a Staff Report. Keep in mind this may not result in your punishment changing.

What do you need to do for us to support your appeal or report?
  • Show respect for the staff team regardless of the situation. Being disrespectful will mean you are breaking another rule and will result in a punishment. Stick to the facts and leave unneeded opinions out.

  • Remember the staff team are human and can make mistakes. Sometimes we have new staff members in training and they are still learning. If you believe this is one of those times then keep in mind this is not something that would have been done deliberately, is something that can be put right and something you will receive an apology for when appropriate.

  • Provide evidence! If you are to say a staff member has not been professional this shouldn't be difficult to prove if true. Send your chat logs, screenshots etc. All staff members are asked to log punishments. We review all reports and appeals impartially and will side with the evidence.

  • Be patient. We know you want an answer right away, or a punishment changed quickly but you need to give us time to sort this. The more evidence you provide the quicker this process will go so please take the time in your original post. Do not be tempted to discuss this elsewhere.

  • Do not post about these details anywhere else. This includes in a dm to a higher ranking staff member. You can still face a punishment and no reports or appeals will be dealt with unless they have been made correctly.

  • Make sure you use the templates provided when you make an appeal or report. Failure to use these may mean your post is immediately closed. Please don't waste your time or ours. Keep in mind we need certain information to act quickly and accurately for you! So please provided what is requested.
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