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We need you! Apply to become a Helper

Dec 2, 2018
IGN for Forums, Discord and Server:
Minecraft: Intrusion101, Discord: Intrusion101

GMT, Australia
What is your favourite part of MC-Ages?
Honestly from me, The community. It is the friendliest server I've ever been on and I'd love to be a Helper on the server seeing as I love helping players solve their problems and Questions
If you could change one thing on MC-Ages what would it be?
I'd honestly change the Mining World seeing as barely anyone uses it, it needs to appeal to other characters like having some sort of perk whilst doing something there. (I couldn't come up with much since the server already Perfect, Also the server could use a better Anti-Spam and Speech Censorship)
In your own words, please explain why you would like to be a member of staff and why you think we should choose you.
I love helping new players thrive and help answer their questions as best as I can
Do you have any experience of being a staff member on other servers?
I have helped my friend's server with building the Spawn but not much in helping people with needs and questions.
What is the biggest challenge you have been faced with while helping people on the server?
Me having to explain in a lot of detail for them to understand what i'm trying to say (Again couldn't think of much.)
Have you received any in-game punishment on MC-Ages? If yes please explain: when this was, what this was for, and why we should trust you to now follow the rules.
So far no, I follow the rules and help the community with small projects like, The Enderman XP farm.
What do you expect to change regarding your time in-game when you become a staff member?
The way I treat peoples questions,
Are you familiar with/active on the forums?
I'm not Familiar or frequent on the forums seeing as I've only just made an account to
Are you familiar with/active on Discord?
Yes I've owned discord for some time now and use it frequently over the past few years
Have you been a member of the server for at least 2 weeks?
I'm not a member because I honestly cannot be bothered trying to remember my Twitch account password & Username. Although I have played this server for quite some (e.g around 4-5 weeks?) I enjoy what the server has to offer and intend on playing it a lot even if this application is declined
Do you understand that asking a staff member about your application after it has been submitted can result in your application being closed?
I understand, seeing as it is rude because this is an application and asking it to be reviewed is Pretty rude and should be left up to you to decide on when you want to Review it.
Do you have any questions for us?
Yeah, when's The Egyptian server opening?, I'm joking but in all seriousness Is there any ideas about a chat filter

P.S If there is anything wrong with this application please tell me this took me a good 25 minutes to come up with :) -Intrusion101
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