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We've rebranded, April Top Voters


Apr 6, 2017
Hi everyone, what a surprise we have in store for you today :p
  1. We've rebranded! Why?
  2. Competition Winners
  3. April Top Voters
We've rebranded! Why?

With Skyblock fast approaching, we began evaluating advertising methods which included reviewing past advertisements on HCSurvival. Unfortunately, HCSurvival did not perform as well from advertisements compared to what it should have, and as a result, the overall performance of the server was crippled. We were spending almost four figures a month on advertisements at peak, and most of the time we would barely break even (and sometimes we didn't, which came out of my pocket...). Without successful advertisements, we cannot grow or achieve anything that we are hoping to.

This was because:
  • HCSurvival is a name that doesn't appeal to younger players, or players that are just looking for a good survival server (it sounds so hard!)
  • Our advertisements do not reach the wider Minecraft audience (even though our server caters for them perfectly) because of our niche
  • HCSurvival was just too much of a niche to be successful on its own. Furthermore, even though we tried... we just couldn't make Survival as hardcore as the name.
What is MC-Ages?

MC-Ages will contain
Survival & Skyblock. To play;
  1. Join the play.mc-ages.com IP (mc.hcsurvival.com still works!)
  2. You will be presented with a Main Menu which will contain The Survival Age and The Skyblock Age.
  3. You will choose a server and join the game. Everything is as it was before.
Nothing is changing on Survival. You will not lose anything!

With the name MC-Ages, we hope that our advertisements are much more successful and we can finally achieve our vision which we have had since day 1.

The process of rebranding has begun, but expect it to take a short while for everything to complete. We're hope you are as excited as we are!

Competition Winners

April showed that the creative spirit is a live and well in MC-Ages' community.

The Diamond Build competition was won by Thestablehand, with the Excalibur sword, and the skin contents was a draw between Oblivith and Amorfatis. Congratulations to all those who took part.

The event lottery was won by Amorfatis.

April Top Voters

Thanks to our dedicated voters once again! The March Top Voter are as follows:

  1. Aniyolo ($25 Store Credit)
  2. RobTheDiamondAce ($10 Store Credit)
  3. Vinsents_B (1x Gem Pouch, 1x Claim Blocks Pouch, 1x Claim Fly)
NOTE: Staff members no longer compete in Top Voters. Staff members may achieve top voter, and they are rewarded correctly, they just won't be shown in the list above. Voting rewards will also be buffed and improved in the near future.

Events are postponed this month until Skyblock is live. There will be a new format which includes the Skyblock events. Stay tuned!


-= Phantom =-
Mar 16, 2018
YES i Won :D
this is cool name :D MC-ages
hope the server get very popular i am telling to all my MC friends about this server :)
Jun 1, 2018
The old name is still visible in some places like the category "HCSurvival Specific" and in the welcome email I got after registering.