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Just found a huge area of diamond and gold, plugin turned them all into stone except 2 gold blocks :(
However, today must be my lucky day because I also saw another spot with diamonds and gold, got 12 diamonds and 11 gold ore from it.

Edit: Drowned 3 times getting stuck in an underwater cave xD
i did but it takes me to this page and it doesn't say anything but to go to the discord or this website
It should work now :)
Hey all, for anyone checking the website and not in-game or on discord 1.14.3 server Alien age is online and in an alpha stage while plugins are tested come and join us all!
So, heard that the honourable owner of this wonderful server is accepting paysafecard codes for ranks on the server. Now, is it true by any chance?
Hey guys, names Influx. I'm an avid Minecraft player since Beta 1.3 and whenever I'm not playing Minecraft I'm watching tv, movies, anime, drawing and working on my current comic "Dr.Inferno" (I'll keep y'all updated on the progress if you're interested) but ye! hope to see you all in-game!
I need ideas for a book D:
What kind of stories do you write? Fantasy, Sci-fi, true stories? If it's fantasy, do something about a dragon. I once wrote this story about a blue dragon named Marine when I was 6-7.
I do all kinds, true stories, fantasy, sci-fi. I will consider the dragon one...Think I can come up with one asap
I will be opening up a book store soon filled with real and fake stories that I create.