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MC-Ages - Minecraft 1.13.1 Small Survival Server

Guilds, Clue Scrolls, Mining World Reset

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Happy Labor Day to all the Uncle Sams' out there! This is a small announcement with some new features!

Group up with your friends! Out now on Survival! Full details:

Clue Scrolls

Some players have been seen and been given these in-game to test! Clue Scrolls are a new type of quest where you must unveil certain clues. You can buy Clue Scrolls for xp in /cluescroll. There is just 1 scroll for now. Once testing is complete, we'll have lots of new Clue Scrolls!

Mining World

The Mining world has now been reset! Feel free to get back to digging it all up!

New Hub, August Top Voters, Referrals Contest, September Build Competition

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September... already??!! Just yesterday I was chilling by the beach.. turtles by my side... now I've got phantoms and skeletons after me and it's almost Halloween! In today's post...
  1. New Hub
  2. August Top Voters
  3. Referrals Competition
  4. September Build Competition
New Hub
We have a new hub build and I have also redesigned most of the hub, with the aim of making the whole feel of the network to be much more friendly and tight-knit! What do you think? You may have to relog once if you are seeing sky!

August Top Voters
Thanks to everyone that voted for the server in August! It was a record-breaking month for votes. Rewards have been bumped slightly due to some rewards not being available on new Survival.
  1. drikke $25 Store Coupon
  2. Ribby $10 Store Coupon
  3. Mountaingirl19 $5 Store Coupon
Referrals Competition
Thanks to...

Old Survival closure

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Afternoon everyone,

This is an announcement regarding Old Survival. If you are a new player, you do not need to do anything. First of all, I know I said that the two servers would co-exist until we can't host them both anymore. However, we were having lots of server crashes trying to support multiple MC versions, and these crashes were resolved by making the network 1.13 only. This obviously prevented access to old Survival, which was running 1.12. While it wasn't intended to close it so early, adoption of the new Survival was almost 100%.

With that being said, if you had a large build on the Old Survival that you would like to keep, we will providing schematics. To use the schematic, you need to install WorldEdit on single player (version 1.12.2, to match the Survival version - 1.13 may work too). You can also paste the schematic on a multiplayer server if you have one. This tutorial explains how...

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