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Greetings everyone! It has been almost a year since HCSurvival was founded, how amazing :p I want to thank you all for coming together to form what is already an amazing community. Today's update is aimed at our community, as we present you with a new challenge on HCSurvival; the Elite rank.

This rank is different to the Member rank because it requires completing in-game tasks before receiving it. It has very steep requirements, but it is very prestigious and comes with awesome perks.


  • Pink in-game, forum and discord rank to show other players your efforts
  • Exclusive items in the hardcore shop ingame. (Exclusive to Elite rank)
  • Access to a Kit that has a monthly cool down.
  • Access to a new exclusive discord channel!
  • 3 Of your own skulls.
  • Access to #elite #IMadeIt #Insane #HCAddict #nolife tags (Exclusive to Elite rank)
  • Create your own tag (can only be changed once)
  • #Elite Forum medal (Exclusive to Elite rank)

  • Must be already hardcore rank.
  • Level 2000 in 5 areas of McMMO and level 1000 in the rest - you pick which areas you want to level up the most.
  • Own a shop at /warp market - must have at least 7 player chest shops that are stocked
  • Must be a member of a tribe with a level of at least 20 (rank within the tribe doesn't matter)

Hey all, 2017 has nearly come to an end!
  1. Christmas Monthly Special
  2. December Events
  3. November Top Voters
  4. November Hall of Fame

Christmas Monthly Special
The Christmas 2017 special is now out! Get your limited edition tags & cosmetic items here,

December Events
More information on this months events can be found at,
(Last Months Event Winners- Build Contest: greighclouds, Event Lottery: PandaPandaPanda6)

November Top Voters
Thank you to everyone that is continuing to vote for the server! November Top Voters are as follows:
  1. _Sporus_ with 198 votes! ($25 Store Credit)
  2. cobrex with 194 votes! ($10 Store Credit)
  3. JackelopeRex with 189 votes! (1 Gem Pouch, 1 Claim Pouch & 1 Claim fly)
November Hall of Fame
charliesdragon is our top supporter for November! Thank you so much!

- HCSurvival Staff.

p.s enjoy the snow on the website :)

Hey all, November announcements is finally here!

  1. New Owner
  2. November Events
  3. October Top Voters
  4. October Hall of Fame

New Owner
I'd like to inform you that I will be running the server from now due to Harry being very busy with exams, life, etc. Harry will remain an owner. I will be working on updates and give my best to HCSurvival. I do plan on continuing MC-Ages and the progress of that will be posted very frequently. There won't be any huge changes that disrupt everything but more subtle fixes. I want to keep the server the way Harry wanted it.

I can't wait to meet you all in game!

November Events
More information on this months events can be found at,

October Top Voters
Thank you to everyone that is continuing to vote for the server! October Top Voters are as follows:
  1. Walkeruno with 407 votes! ($25 Store Credit)
  2. Sharkykzn with 400 votes! ($10 Store Credit)
  3. cobrex with 392 votes! (1 Gem Pouch, 1 Claim Pouch & 1 Claim fly)
October Hall of Fame
is our top supporter for October! Thank you so much!