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New month, new events :cool: Good luck everyone and I hope you all join in!!
Apologies this is up late we've been quite busy, hopefully you can all get going on the build event this weekend!!

Build Event
We're trying something completely new this month! Last months build-offs were great but we think it'd be better to try some quicker build contests. Hopefully this will mean more of you can join in!
Note: Any builds made before the week start date will be disqualified. Build entries must have coordinates in the post.

We will have one build event per week these must be done alone, voting will commence for 48 hours at the end of each week and one winner will be chosen. A poll will be posted for everyone to vote on.
After 3 weeks and 3 winners, there will be a build-off for the 4th week between the winners of the previous 3 weeks. This will have a 24hour vote for the final winner!

WEEK 1: 1st-8th (Sorry its a bit late) WEEK 1 ENDED
Build Subject: Something animal related.

Voting: 8th-10th - Winner announced for week 1

WEEK 2: 8th-15th - WEEK 2 ENDED
Build Subject: A famous landmark. Landmark must be an already existing real-world structure.

Voting: 15th-17th - Winner announced for week 2

WEEK 3: 15th-22nd - WEEK 3 ENDED
Build Subject: Staff-chosen (thanks @Beabie) block build, Concrete (any colour).

Oh no, that time has arrived again... for some of you! Back to school. The best time of year, right? Anyway, in today's update...
  1. August Top Voters
  2. August Hall of Fame
  3. August Event Winners
  4. Community Highlight: Fantasia Theme Park
August Top Voters

Thanks to everyone that voted for the server in August! We are continuing to see new players without advertising, which is all down to our voters!
  1. Ribby ($40 Store Credit)
  2. Astro_Dragon ($25 Store Credit)
  3. Crook69 ($10 Store Credit)
August Hall of Fame

@YouNeedHelp is the top supporter once more! I don't think he wants to share the Hall of Fame...! But seriously, massive thanks as it really benefits the server. Thank you!

August Event Winners

The winners are in! Drum roll pleas- oh wait... these were already announced! You can read the August Event winners here. The September events will be live soon!

Community Highlight: Fantasia Theme Park

If you have been alive recently, you may have seen the new Fantasia Theme Park created by players in-game! It looks amazing! Check it out at /warp fantasia. See a thread for it here!

Would you like to see more community projects highlighted? Let me know!
Hello, all. This is just a quick update...
  1. New Auctions (again)
  2. Status
New Auctions (again)

After a Buy It Now feature was heavily requested in a new system, we now have yet another system which has both Buy It Now auctions and Bidding auctions. The best of both worlds! Access the new system with /ah. If you have any old items in the old auctions system, you can access it with /auctiongui (for a few days!).

There is also a new Auctions Scroll available from our store. This allows you to auction 15 Buy It Now items and 15 Bidding items (30 total). Thanks for the support!


I just wanted to let you know that we have stopped our advertising campaigns while we work to improve the longevity of the server gameplay to make sure that we are taking the best advantage of the campaigns (as they are very pricey!). We also want to focus on retaining players before trying to gain new ones.

With that being said, I am currently getting ready to move house across the country so I have a lot going on right now, which means that for the next few weeks I am going to be very busy. Don't worry though as I am doing lots of planning for future server updates! We're in for a fun ride :)