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    Etcroot here

    Hey etcroot, glad to see you join us! Looking forward to seeing you in-game
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    The user above me...

    The person above is a good egg
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    Would you rather?

    1 eyebrow would you rather have one eyeball or two to go along with that?
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    The Word Game!

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    Hey, and welcome! Look forward to getting to know you in game :)
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    well hi

    well hi
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    Forgot to introduce myself, oopsies!

    If you hadn't guessed by my name and skin, I'm Anna, 18, and I am the QUEEN of foxes, nah the name's not changing - mainly bc I'm lazy when it comes to the whole technology thing. I created this account quite a while ago, after discovering my complete love and passion for design. Apparently it's...